Alien "First and Only" Union Infantry Regiment

The Alien "First and Only" Union Infantry Regiment was a Tylan infantry regiment in the Union Army during the American Civil War. The regiment played a minor role in Sherman's March to the Sea, before its existence was classified by the American government after the war.


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After the Tylan ship TVK Kjorskevam crash-landed on Earth in 1860, its crew was forced to adapt to Earth's climate and biosphere. They formed a small farming community near what would later become Bozeman, Montana, before war broke out.

Upon Lincoln's call to raise an army following the attack on Fort Sumter, the Tylans made themselves and the technology from what remained of their ship known to the Union President. They formed the Alien First and Only, with the name "First and Only" chosen as a reminder that they were the only sapient non-human lifeforms on Earth at the time.

Service and Disbanding

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The First and Only was organized in a secret location, and mustered for a five-year enlistment beginning August 16, 1861 under the command of human Colonel Thaddius Riker. Their most notable battle was the Battle of Pine Mountain, Georgia, where Thaddius Riker was wounded and carried away from combat by a strange man, calling himself Quinn.

The existence of the regiment was disbanded and classified after the war, as Andrew Johnson didn't want anyone to know about the existence of life beyond Earth. The ship's technology was stored what would later be called Roswell, New Mexico. The Tylan Theocracy would later try to take back the remains in mid-1947, but their attempt would fail due to an unforseen engine failure.