El Botitas

"The Khan asked us to distract the Mechyrdians. So when he gives the word, we're going to launch an all-out assault on Ydroun. We'll blow up their little space-forts, and we're going to use our soldiers and warships to kill every last mofo trying to flee. That'll teach the Mechyrdian tax-man what can happen while they sit in their ivory tower looking down on us from up high."
- El Botitas

El Botitas is the mysterious right-hand man to Tyrinus, the leader of the Diadochus Humilitatum.

El Botitas
Right-hand man to Tyrinus
Previous Caccinus
Personal info
Religion Atheist


Very little is known about the secretive El Botitas. It is known that he was once a peasant in a smaller star-tribe that was annexed by the Diadochus Humilitatum, and that he climbed the ranks of the Humilitates' internal politics before replacing Caccinus as Tyrinus' most trusted.

Mannerisms and career

Botitas is crude where Tyrinus is civilized; where Tyrinus charms with his verbiage, Botitas is blunt with his words. For this reason, Tyrinus addresses the public, and Botitas manages the day-to-day affairs of the Sodom and Gomorrah casinos: tabulating budgets and profits, and making sure the Mechyrdians are paid their tribute.

Unofficially, Botitas is also in charge of managing the plan to attack Mechyrdian forces and fortifications in the Ydroun system when the Diadochus Masra Draetsen invades Calibor, in order to open up another front that the Mechyrdians have to deal with. Ydroun is deep in Diadochi space, but the Mechyrdians control it through the stable wormhole between Ydroun and the Vensca system in Tylan space.


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