Vulpinus Incultus

"Brutality is a tool, like any other. Just as you wouldn't get mad at hammers if someone used a hammer to murder someone else, so shouldn't you decry brutality just for occasionally being used in the wrong hands."
- Vulpinus Incultus

Lucius Postumius Albinus Vulpinus Incultus is the current head of the Olympian Frumentarii, and one of the most harsh and ruthless members of Marc Caton's gubernatorial cabinet. Loyal to Caton from the start, Albinus nevertheless disagrees with the governor on some key issues.


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Lucius Postumius Albinus was born in 224 UC on Mundus Caesaris Divi. The identities of his parents are unknown, as L. Postumius Albinus is not his original name; his family changed it from a French name to a Latin name when he was just 8 years old, with the hopes of hiding his Catholic religion and giving him a better chance at a successful life. His earliest intellectual influences were C. Julius Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Gallico and Oswald Spengler's Decline of the West.

Albinus joined the military at just 17 years old. At 19, he was promoted to triarius, the youngest to attain such rank in Olympian history.

Becoming a Frumentarius

At 23 years old, Albinus was already an optio. During a battle against a Diadochi corsair base, Albinus saw a vulnerability in the enemy's fortifications. He broke rank, disobeyed an order from his centurion, and led a squad to exploit that weakness, winning the battle. For this, Albinus was made a Frumentarius, despite the protests of the angry centurion.

Despite his initial elation at becoming a Frumentarius, when he finished training, the rank that Albinus was given when he was made a Frumentarius was high enough for desk duty, something that Albinus eventually found to be extremely boring. His superior officer, C. Iulius Silanus, put Albinus in charge of monitoring Marc Caton's Front Catholique. Secretly a Catholic himself, Albinus would use underhanded methods to ensure that his subordinates were loyal to him first and foremost, and that his superiors wouldn't find out that he was falsifying intel reports and supplying weapons and money to the Front.

Reaction to Caton's victory

When Caton was elected Governor of Olympia, Albinus got in contact with the new governor, and received instructions to lead his men against a pagan revolt on Albinus's homeworld: Mundus Caesaris Divi. Albinus executed these instructions with glee; grateful to God for allowing Caton to win, thus allowing Albinus to open up about his formerly-secret Catholic religion, Albinus swiftly dispatched the pagan forces on Mundus Caesaris Divi, and enforced loyalty to Caton. The governor himself was both impressed and appalled at Albinus's brutality, and gave the Frumentarius the agnomen Vulpinus Incultus.

Head Frumentarius

For his actions, Caton promoted Albinus to Princeps Frumentarius - Chief of the Frumentarii. Albinus's first act as the Frumentarii's leader would be to begin purging the Olympian bureaucracy of any anti-Catholic sentiments. Unlike Caton, who believes that democracy is compatible with spiritual nationalism, Albinus has no such faith in popular choice, and prefers a strong dictatorship. Caton, meanwhile, ignores this purge, as while it goes against his ideals, he finds it useful for maintaining stability.