Bulkspace is the 7+2D space that surrounds our 3+1D intraspace universe. All of existence is split into countless of these universes, with each their own laws and constants, and bulkspace is what lies between them. Where most universes are higher-energy "false vacua", bulkspace is the ground state, the bottom-energy "true vacuum" that occasionally births new universes by quantum fluctuation.

Two-dimensional time

Universes in bulkspace split apart into multiple universes whenever a quantum event occurs in the initial universe. Bulkspace has two temporal dimensions; each universe has the same speed through time, but its direction in between the two axes varies. The closer to parallel two universes' temporal directions are, the more similar the outcomes of events in those universes will be.

The home universe of Mechyrdia is known as the Prime Universe, with ID code 000-00000-0001. Other universes are assigned randomly-generated ID codes when they are discovered.

Uses of Bulkspace

There are many different particles originating from bulkspace, such as the pyron, a particle of heat; the scoton, a negative photon that transmits darkness; the cryon, a particle of cold that is the negative version of the pyron. Some of these exotic particles are used in ammo-packs for Mechyrdian phasguns in the Army or private ownership.

Mechyrdian starships use bulkspace for FTL travel; the light barrier is inverted in bulkspace, and so it takes much less time between two stars by traversing bulkspace, instead of just traversing intraspace. For such trips, it is necessary for the ship to create an intrafield, else the 3+1D intraspace inside of the ship will collapse and melt into the bulkspace surrounding it. It's not pretty when they do that.

Bulkspace is also used for communications; bulkspace has a much higher speed of light than normal-space, so bulkspace telerhesis (formerly known as bulkspace radio) can communicate across the galaxy.

It is even possible to manipulate gravity using bulkspace; gravity pumps pull gravitons out of bulkspace and direct them in certain ways, pushing and pulling objects, making them explode or implode, or even creating wormholes.

Bulkspace can be used for surveillance, though this is illegal under international law; universes can be viewed from bulkspace the same way that a flat drawing can be viewed from 3D space.

Bulk drive

The bulk drive is the method of faster-than-light travel used by Mechyrdian ships, as well as alien ships within the same universe.

Electrons and positrons are generated by normal processes, after which they are channeled through magnetically shielded tubes into a central reactor hull. The inside of the reactor is coated with crystal hyprite, and when the electrons and positrons annihilate, the hyprite generates bulkspace plasma. This bulkdrive plasma is shunted into ship-internal coils that generates a portal to bulkspace, into which the ship enters.

The ship navigates through bulkspace by using quantum computer systems that are able to do the calculations necessary to traverse the realm. It then exits by increasing the energy of its protective intrafield, which causes the ship to bubble back up into intraspace.

The bulk drive was first discovered by humans in 592 PC (2048 AD). During its early years, the ships used cybernetic cables that plugged into the brains of human navigators in order to navigate, because quantum computers at the time weren't powerful enough to calculate 7-dimensional trajectory.


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