Ákmōn CFR, spelled in Greek as Ἄκμων and known in Latin as Acmo, is an Olympia-based corporatio finite rea (limited liability corporation) and for-profit provider of cloud services to individuals, companies, and governments. A subsidiary of Hyperborea CFR, Ákmōn's managed services free clients from needing to manually scale, manage, and patch or update hardware and operating systems.

Ákmōn services are delivered to customers via a network of Internet-connected server farms located throughout the galaxy. Cost is based on a combination of various parameters, including usage, hardware, operating system, software, and networking features. Subscribers may pay for a single virtual computer via CE, serverless web hosting via FΛ, a dedicated physical computer via FF, or clusters of either. Some aspects of security, such as the physical security of the data centers, or the security of Ákmōn's hypervisors, are the responsibility of Ákmōn. Other aspects of security, such as account management or guest software vulnerability scanning and patching, are the responsibility of the consumer.

Ákmōn CFR
Type of site Subsidiary
Key people

CEO Gaius Cambrius Tib.f. L.n. Aharo

CISO Hypatía Saulídēs Palaiológē

Industry Web services and hosting, cloud computing
Revenue Ŧ96 billion (255 UC)
Operating income Ŧ38.4 billion (255 UC)
Parent Hyperborea CFR
Launched 17 UC (2657 AD); 239 years ago
Current status Active

List of services


Ákmōn was founded in 17 UC (2657 AD), as a family business of the Cambrii Aharones, by Publius Cambrius C.f. Aharo. His brother, Lucius Cambrius C.f. Aharo, was the founder of Malleus CFR, an online storefront for consumer goods. Shortly after the founding of Ákmōn, Lucius and Publius entered into a business partnership where Ákmōn would provide hosting services to Malleus at a discount.

In 129 UC (2769 AD), Ákmōn merged with Malleus, forming a conglomerate known as Hyperborea CFR. Gaia Cambria Tib.uxor was the chief executive of both companies at the time, having directed the development of Ákmōn's Functores Lamdati after she was inspired by the concept of "serverless hosting" from information-age Earth.

In 177 UC (2817 AD), Ákmōn expanded its operations outside Mechyrdia to the Chaebodes Star Empire, the Niska Regality, and the Ilkhan Hegemony. With the Ilkhan Revolution in 204 UC (2844 AD), Ákmōn was forced to abandon the Commune's space, yet it re-entered the Ilkhan Republic after the end of the Great Galactic War. Following the fall of Fulkreykk in 247 UC (2887 AD), Ákmōn established branch offices in Stahlareykk, Theudareykk, and even Isarnareykk. In a move that many decry as "enabling unjust warfare", Ákmōn continues to provide services within Isarnareyksk space even after Faurasitand Ursalia started funding pro-Isarnareykk rebellions against the Theudareyksk government.

Service availability and topology

As of Aresi 256 UC (2896 AD), Ákmōn has distinct operations in 63 astrographical "regions": 25 in Mechyrdia, 8 in the Chaebodes Star Empire, 14 in the Ilkhan and Niska Republics, 12 in former Fulkreyksk space, and 4 in Diadochi space.

Each region is wholly contained within a single interstellar nation and most of its data and services typically stay within the designated region, though some services such as AA, BT, or BΔ can be configured to replicate across the entire galaxy. Each region has several "availability zones" that consist of one or more discrete data centers (either planetbound or stationed in space) each with several redundant power generation and distribution, networking, and connectivity systems, housed in separate facilities. These zones are intentionally isolated from one another to prevent outages from spreading, something that also forbids scaling across different zones.


In 253 UC (2893 AD), controversy over Ákmōn's CQ service erupted when it was revealed that the Mechyrdian Intelligence Department was using it to factor Fulkreyksk public key moduli in order to decrypt archived communications obtained by eavesdropping. Months later, Ákmōn updated its Terms of Service to forbid usage of any of its services by state militaries or intelligence agencies.


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