Demeter Ursalia

"Whoever does not miss Fulkreykk has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain."
- Demeter Ursalia

Demeter Ursalia is an Isarnareyksk politician who is the current Haukmarscal of Isarnareykk. She has served this position since 255 UC (2895 AD), alternating between it and Faurasitand whenever she reached a consecutive term limit.

Haukmarascal Demeter Ursalia
3rd Haukmarascal of the Isarnareyksk Federation
255 UC - present (2895 AD - present)
Predecessor Alaric Vytunn
Expected Successor Alaric Vytunn
3rd Faurasitand of the Isarnareyksk Federation
251 UC - 255 UC (2891 AD - 2895 AD)
Predecessor Alaric Vytunn
Successor Alaric Vytunn
1st Haukmarascal of the Isarnareyksk Federation
247 UC - 251 UC (2887 AD - 2891 AD)
Predecessor office created
Successor Alaric Vytunn
Officer of Fulkreyksk Heymadsekuriheyd
231 UC - 247 UC (2871 AD - 2887 AD)
Role Network Security Analysis Expert
Rank Gamma-Plus
Personal info
Born 214 UC (2854 AD)
Religion Atheist
Political Party

Science Party of Fulkreykk

Democratic People's Republican Party of Isarnareykk

Father Ioakhym Ursalia
Mother Athena Ursalia


Demeter Ursalia was born on Kasr Kassck to her parents Ioakhym and Athena Ursalia; Ioakhym was descended from members of the Bureaucrats' (Magisteran) caste of the Fulkreyksk Authoritariat, and Athena was descended from the Enforcers' (Politzimenn) caste. Demeter also inherited a dependency on lekarcet-171, normally a trait of the Warriors' (Gadrochtan) caste, from Athena.

Ursalia studied computer security at Praethoris Khorr University, graduating in 230. She worked as an Internumssekuriheyd intelligence officer for 16 years with a focus on breaking into computer networks, rising to the rank of Gamma-Plus, before retiring in 247 to begin a political career under Svar Quesrinn.

With the fall of Fulkreykk, many of the former Authoritariat's technological properties were seized by oligarchic tech barons. Ursalia worked quickly to prevent one technology from facing the same fate: the production of lekarcet-171, which both Demeter Ursalia and her mother are dependent on to stay alive. Using military security codes which she claims to have overheard in a cafeteria, Ursalia seized the lekarcet factories and placed them under control of the new Isarnareyksk government.

Ursalia convinced then-Faurasitand Svar Quesrinn to appoint her to the office of Haukmarscal. When Quesrinn died of alcohol poisoning, Deputy Faurasitand Alaric Vytunn inherited the presidential office. Vytunn, however, was weak-willed, reluctant to lead, and uncommitted to anything in particular, making it easy for Ursalia to take all of the real power and reduce Vytunn to just her puppet. The two would alternate seats between Faurasitand and Haukmarscal every four years.


During her leadership, the Isarnareyksk economy grew continuously, with GDP measured by purchasing power increasing by 64%, real wages more than quadrupled, and unemployment and poverty were cut in half; this economic growth was a result of an increase in the price of high-technology, computer parts, and cloud computing power, the main exports of Isarnareykk, as well as Ursalia's policies assisting in the recovery from the post-Fulkreyksk depression and financial crises, in addition to encouraging foreign investment.

During Isarnareykk's military occupation of part of Theudareykk, Mechyrdian and other politicians of the galactic southern bloc denounced Ursalia, though this denunciation did nothing to halt or even slow Isarnareykk's economic growth.

Ursalia's leadership of Isarnareykk has seen erosion of democracy, widespread ballot-stuffing, and repression of political opponents, as well as the regressing of social progress, though her deregulation of the Federation's economy has seen support from the Mechyrdian right-wing liberal think tank known as the Midas Institute.


Recent interventions into Theudareykk and suspected political interference in other countries have resulted in Isarnareyksk dissidents becoming louder and angrier. Seeing this, Ursalia has clamped down on political freedoms and tightened her repression of dissident movements, going as far as exiling her sister Brunhild Ursalia after the latter petitioned for the legalization of Christianity and other foreign religions. Dunoval Karkharonous, a liberal activist from Vladizapad, said that Ursalia "is losing her grip, both on her regime and on her sanity", adding that he suspects her to be addicted to benzodiazepines.

Using any negative political nicknames for Demeter Ursalia is illegal in Isarnareykk; this includes "Demeter Usphainia", from Thedish phainatvabisebiyn "benzodiazepine", and Bombatzystag Mama "Mommy in the Bunker", from the word bombatzysta which has a double-meaning as both "bomb shelter" and, when used in slang, "medicine cabinet".


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