Isarnareyksk Federation

The Isarnareyksk Federation is a sovereign state in the Milky Way Galaxy and one of the remnants of the Second Fulkreyksk Authoritariat. The largest of these remnants, Isarnareykk is nonetheless a shadow of its former self. Riddled with organized crime, and stuck in a power struggle between astropolitan tech barons and a revanchist military, the fate of Isarnareykk is up in the air.

Isarnareyksk Federation
Isarnareyksk Varbundan



Undar thiysomis styeornamis, thue virthest sigan (Thedish)

Under these stars, you shall conquer (Translated)

Capital Isarnaverald
Languages Thedish
Ethnic Groups
  • 81% Human
  • 19% Other
Religions Largely atheistic, minority religions permitted
Population 62,415,008,487,191
Government Semi-presidential federal republic with military executive
  • Svar Quesrinn (247 UC)
  • Alaric Vytunn (247-251 UC)
  • Demeter Ursalia (251-255 UC)
  • Alaric Vytunn (255 UC-present)
  • Demeter Ursalia (247-251 UC)
  • Alaric Vytunn (251-255 UC)
  • Demeter Ursalia (255 UC-present)
Legislature Populisk Raed
Currency Mark (ᛗ)

(255 UC) 268,928,450,112,610,881 marks

4,308.7 marks/capita


Like the other splinter states of Fulkreykk, Isarnareykk originates as a sphere of expansion of the early First Fulkreyksk Authoritariat; the spheres (not actually spherical) designate different time periods when different regions of space would be colonized. Isarnareykk was the first: the large and largely barren region surrounding the planet Theden in the galactic north. The administration in charge of colonizing space was located on Isarnaverald, a separate world from Theden, to prevent any conflicts of interest.

As time went on, Isarnareykk became larger and larger, to the point that it had to be subdivided into several federal constituent districts. The Fulkreyksk government in Theden then ceased to expand Isarnareykk itself, and began to create and colonize different spheres of expansion, such as Lyudareykk on the border with the Drakhassi, Stahlareykk near the galactic core, and Swartareykk and Theudareykk in the galactic east.


The Isarnareyksk Federated Subordinate Authority (IFSA), as it was known when it was a member state of Fulkreykk, declared independence in the year 247 UC (2887 AD). It was the last state to do so, and thus it left Fulkreykk as nothing more than a piece of paper. The last Forarr of Fulkreykk, Severus Voss, realized that the old dream of Vrankenn Kassck could no longer work, and thus declared Fulkreykk a dead nation and handed all of the obligations of the former Authoritariat to the Faurasitand of Isarnareykk, Svar Quesrinn.

Quesrinn would later die of alcohol poisoning, handing the keys over to his elected successor, Alaric Vytunn. Vytunn, however, wasn't capable of commanding authority on his own, and thus became a mere puppet of the Haukmarscal, Demeter Ursalia. They switch places every four years, due to the constitutional limit of consecutive terms.

Ursalia, as de-facto authoritarian leader of Isarnareykk, is forced to mediate between an ultra-revanchist military that wants to unite the galaxy under a potential Third Fulkreyksk Authoritariat, and astropolitan tech barons who sell out their own country in the name of profit.


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