Populisk Raed

The Popular Assembly (Thd. Populisk Raed) is the national legislature of the Isarnareyksk Federation, according to the 249 UC (2889 AD) Constitution of Isarnareykk. It was preceded by the Subordinate Reykksdag of Isarnareykk (Thd. Undarordinath Reykksdag Isarnareykki).

The Raed consists of two houses: the Realm Doma (Thd. Reykksdom), which is the lower house, and the Senate (Thd. Senatus), which is the upper house. Both houses are located on Isarnaverald. The Chancellor of the Popular Assembly (Thd. Kanzellar Populiski Raedi) is the second most important position in Isarnareykk, after Faurasitand and before Haukmarascal. Unlike those other two positions, the Chancellor has no executive power, instead carrying supreme legislative power as the "first among equals" of the Assembly. Furthermore, unlike the offices of Faurasitand and Haukmarascal, which forbid more than two consecutive terms for any individual, the seat of Chancellor has no term limit.


The jurisdiction of the Realm Doma includes the election of Chancellor of the Assembly, deciding confidence in the executive portion of the government, advancing charges against the Faurasitand to initiate impeachment, and appointment and dismissal of the following offices: Chairman of the Monetary Reserve, Chairman of the Fiscal Chamber, Commissioner of Research, and others.

The jurisdiction of the Senate includes approval of the decree on introducing martial law or a state of emergency by the Faurasitand, approval of the usage of the Isarnareyksk military outside home territory, approval on formal declarations of war, approval on treaties with foreign powers, carrying out impeachments of the Faurasitand, and appointment and dismissal of the following offices: the General Prosecutor, judges of higher courts within Isarnareykk, Commissioner of State Security, and others.

As the legislature of Isarnareykk, all bills must be voted within the Popular Assembly before they are signed into law. Bills may be proposed by either chamber; first, they are debated and altered as needed within the Doma, then after majority approval from the Doma, they are sent to the Senate for majority approval. The Senate merely approves or rejects bills; Senate debates may not alter bills once they are approved by the Doma. Any rejection from either a majority of the Doma or a majority of the Senate is an immediate death knell for a bill. Once a bill is approved by the Assembly, it is sent to the Faurasitand to be signed or vetoed. If the bill is signed, it becomes law.

However, if the Faurasitand vetoes a bill, it is sent back to the Doma for further debate and modification. It must now pass the Doma with a 2/3 supermajority, as well as the Senate with a 2/3 supermajority.

Constituent parties

There are five parties currently represented within the Popular Assembly:

Color Name Translated Name Platform
Green (#33CC44) Demokratik Populaer Respublikan Partia (DPRP) Democratic People's Republican Party The DPRP is a conservative political party within Isarnareykk. The party of Demeter Ursalia, it holds the majority within both the Realm Doma and the Senate.
Red (#AA2222) Evnaheydi Partia Equality Party The Equality Party is a laborist political party within Isarnareykk, inspired by the policies of the Ilkhan Commune. They are unpopular, in part due to their denial of the Clades Ilkhana.
Gold (#FFCC33) Partia Galaktiki Nevgali Party of Galactic Friendship Galactic Friendship is a liberal political party within Isarnareykk, wishing for closer ties with the Empire of Mechyrdia.
Steel-blue (#556677) Vitanaskaphtsregaerangi Partia Science Party The Science Party is a scientistic and militaristic political party within Isarnareykk. The party desires a return to the old Fulkreyksk system of scientific governance.
Deep blue (#3344CC) Liberaloen Federalistaen Partia Liberal Federalist Party The Liberal Federalists are an ultranationalist revanchist political party within Isarnareykk. The party wishes for a stronger rulership that will launch a war to conquer the entire galaxy.


The Realm Doma

The Senate


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