Second Fulkreyksk Authoritariat

Second Fulkreyksk Authoritariat
Fulkreyksk Forardum



Eynheyd, Treyheyd, Gavaurstligkeyd (Thedish)

Unity, Loyalty, Synergy (Translated)

Capital Isarnaverald
Languages Thedish
Ethnic Groups
  • 92% Human
  • 8% Other
Religions Illegal (depends on leniency of local Internal Security agents)
Population 121,586,429,114,915 (peak in 223 UC)
Government Hereditary presidential dictatorship
  • Karoll Voss (187-209 UC)
  • Vrankenn Voss (209-227 UC)
  • Severus Voss (227-247 UC)
Legislature Reykksdag (rubberstamp parliament)
Currency Mark (ᛗ)

The Second Fulkreyksk Authoritariat was a sovereign state in the Milky Way Galaxy that existed from 187 UC (2827 AD) to 247 UC (2887 AD). The nation was a presidential autocracy governed by the Forarr, with its capital in Isarnaverald. It existed as a revitalization of the first Authoritariat by the original humans still loyal to Fulkreykk, under Forarr Karoll Voss. Far more authoritarian than the First Fulkreyksk Authoritariat, the leading Voss dynasty of this new Fulkreykk would turn the Second Authoritariat into an autocratic police state, aided by the Ministry of Internal Security (Thd. Ambahht vur Heymadsekuriheydau).

Left to right: Karoll Voss, Vrankenn Voss, Severus Voss

The second Authoritariat was involved as a co-belligerent alongside Mechyrdia in the Great Galactic War, under Forarr Vrankenn Voss, but later became a bitter rival of Mechyrdia during the Fulkreyksk Cold War under Forarr Severus Voss. Proxy wars in Niskon and Ilkhai, as well as the Race to Bulkspace, led to the collapse of the Second Authoritariat into various remnant states, such as Isarnareykk, Lyudareykk, and Stahlareykk. This collapse was accelerated by Severus's many attempts to reform the state, before he simply gave up and declared Fulkreykk a dead nation.

Fulkreyksk Navy

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