Mechyrdian Army

The Mechyrdian Army (Mec. Armi) is the planet-bound warfare service branch of the Mechyrdian Armed Forces. It is one of two uniformed service branches of Mechyrdia, the other being the Mechyrdian Navy.


Every Mechyrdian foot soldier has (at minimum) the following equipment:

Mechyrdian soldiers in veteran divisions also wear bulky power armor, instead of just combat uniforms reinforced with carbon nanotube fibers.

Mechyrdian weapons (phasguns, phaspistols, multiphas, etc.) can fire multiple types of energy projectiles:

Heavy infantry equipment

Vehicles and artillery

The Mechyrdian Army's tanks are very advanced, able to hover above the ground, teleport short distances, absorb energy beams/bolts and reflect them, vaporize kinetic projectiles with an energy shield, and hide themselves with an energy cloak. The army's artillery has a far wider range of technological advancement, ranging from catapults and trebuchets that launch positron warheads, to hovering drone-cannons that fire massive bolts of exotic particles.


Mechyrdian fortifications might seem fixed to the untrained eye, but in reality, they are able to teleport within a radius of several kilometers by using an internal wormhole generator. The Army uses schematic printers to construct these fortifications rapidly from matter such as dirt and rocks in the ground.

Ranks and structure

The Mechyrdian Army is organized based on per-planet Chapters. Every inhabited planet in the Empire has a chapter. They have eight Divisions: one veteran, three frontliner, three reserve, and one auxiliary. Each chapter also has a chapter fleet (made up of light ships), a chapter armory, and chapter hospitals. Mechyrdian chapters are coordinated in various theaters across the galaxy and beyond. The following diagram describes chapter structure and command in more detail:

Each chapter in the Army is required to use the following rank structure:

The bureaucratic process by which soldiers and officers of each Army Chapter are promoted is evaluated every two years by a central inspection agency in order to prevent chapters from inflating its soldiers' ranks in order to have more authority over soldiers of other chapters.

The ranks of Seniórissim-Inscribet Consiliatór Armis "Most senior enlisted advisor to the Army", Strategar Armis "General of the Army", and Strategar Ciarstuos "General of the Empire" belong to Mechyrdian Army as a whole, not to any specific chapter.


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