Navy Alertness Levels

Aboard Mechyrdian Navy vessels, outposts, and other associated locations, a series of color-coded alert signals are used, usually issued by the ship's internal communications computer.

List of alert signals

Image and audio Name Short name(s) Description

No audio used
Garaíð: Condició Gran
Ready: Condition Green
Nominal, All Systems Go Normal operation of a starship

No audio used
Trewóg: Condició Gelw
Alert: Condition Yellow
Yellow Alert Increased preparedness for possible crisis

Trewóg: Condició Rauþ
Alert: Condition Red
Red Alert Ongoing crisis: combat, major systems failure, etc. Usually accompanied by orders to battle stations

No audio used
Trewóg: Condició Bléw
Alert: Condition Blue
Blue Alert Exceptional non-crisis situation: environmental effects, docking, separation, landing, releasing strike craft in non-combat situations, etc.

No audio used
Trewóg: Condició Gréw
Alert: Condition Gray
Gray Alert Reduced-power mode, reserve-power mode

No audio used
Trewóg: Condició Svart
Alert: Condition Black
Black Alert Silent running, operating stealth machine

No audio used
Trewóg: Condició Brun
Alert: Condition Brown
Brown Alert Mess that requires cleanup: usually aftermath of combat, crisis, or exceptional situation, sometimes because a crew member released bodily waste on the floor


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