Vrankenn Kassck

"It is imperative that democracy last forever, no matter how oppressive it needs to become in order to do so."
- Vrankenn Kassck

Vrankenn Kassck was a Thedish politician, oligarch, and theorist who served as the founder of the First Fulkreyksk Authoritariat. Under his administration, the various countries of Theden were united into Fulkreykk, a one-party oligarchy governed by the Science Party. Ideologically a post-liberal, his development of liberal ideology is known as Kassckism.

His Greatness Vrankenn Kassck
Forarr of the Fulkreyksk Authoritariat
1781 PC - 1768 PC (859 AD - 872 AD)
Predecessor Office created
Successor Dagobar Orsh
First Speaker of the Thedish Assembly
1786 PC - 1781 PC (854 AD - 859 AD)
Predecessor none, assembly created from Free Society Organization
Successor Nepetha Bronsteyn
Chairman of the Free Society Organization
1790 PC - 1786 PC (850 AD - 854 AD)
Predecessor Korol Paphthov
Successor none, organization subsumed into Thedish Assembly
Campaign Manager for Nepetha Bronsteyn of the People's Progressive Party of the Khranym Union
1798 PC - 1792 PC (842 AD - 848 AD)
Predecessor Taris Serova
Successor Rikahard Khonsuvili
Personal info
Born 1869 PC (771 AD)
Died 1768 PC (872 AD)
Buried The Founders' Mausoleum, Theden
Religion Atheist
Political Party Science Party (Fulkreykk)
Father Neral Kassck
Mother Khlotilda Kassck
Spouse Kalora Kassck

Early life

Born to a wealthy, politically powerful Pokhwalish family in Tel Hiar, Vrankenn Kassck was given an elite education to teach him how to rule over the people. He was admitted to Kyana University within the Khranym Union, the most powerful polity on Theden at the time. During his post-graduate academic career, aiming for an expert's degree in Political Science, Kassck was mentored by Korol Paphthov, the Chairman of the Free Society Organization.

Proving ground

Pictured: Korol Paphthov

Paphthov used his connections to appoint Vrankenn Kassck as the campaign manager for Nepetha Bronsteyn's 1796 PC (844 AD) political campaign, to test his mettle. Kassck proved to be very talented in manipulation and guile. He used campaign funds not only to encourage the media's favorable coverage of Bronsteyn, but also to bribe the entire Khranym Union's political structure, so that even if the majority voted for Bronsteyn's opponent Alaric Rekhs instead, Bronsteyn would still be selected as President of the Union.

Paphthov was so impressed that he selected Kassck to be his successor as Chairman of the FSO over the other candidates he was testing; upon Paphthov's death, Kassck would take leadership of the Organization.

Chairman of the Free Society Organization

In 1790 PC (850 AD), Korol Paphthov was assassinated by nationalist militants within the Ryhan Republic. Paphthov's death elevated Vrankenn Kassck to the leadership over the Free Society Organization. Kassck's first order was to punish the Republic's conservative government with trade sanctions by the Khranym Union and the Dominion of Adanacque, the two economic superpowers of Theden.

After a few months, Kassck demanded that the Ryhan government enact stronger laws against nationalist ideology before the Khranym and Adanacqois lift the embargo. They refused, leading to the Khranym Union invading the Ryhan Republic and installing a more loyal puppet government.

Kassck continued, over the next 4 years, manipulating liberal governments into using both hard and soft power against nationalist governments; in his words, Kassck wanted to ensure that the world would be safe for human rights. In truth, however, he was preparing his great project: the Thedish Assembly.

Unification of Theden

Using his political prowess, Vrankenn Kassck successfully reorganized the World Congress into the Thedish Assembly. The World Congress was a global organization dedicated to peace. Kassck's reorganization turned it into what was essentially a one-world government spanning much of Theden. The Assembly declared that it was illegal not to be a member of it, and launched a war against the rest of the world.

This war, known in Fulkreykk as the "Last World War", took 5 years to end in victory for the Thedish Assembly. Once the world was united in 1781 PC (859 AD), Kassck declared the founding of the Fulkreyksk Authoritariat, and his accession to ruler of the entire planet Theden as Forarr of Fulkreykk.

Syudanheym Reaction

Kassck anticipated rebellions across the entire world, but due to the Last World War exhausting almost everyone's military capabilities, only one rebellion had broken out: the Syudanheym Reaction, led by Dyotrik v'Eritzssck.

For some time, the rebellion enjoyed success. It had liberated all of Geoutlan Country and captured Khau-Nuut, the capital of the region. Kassck mobilized loyalist military forces from Svartaryg, Noreth, Boumerania, and Haanobar, in order to crush the Reaction. During the battle of Scala Island, v'Eritzssck was killled, and the rebellion fell apart.

Top-down revolution

Once he had control of Theden by means of the Fulkreyksk Authoritariat, Kassck set out to change the world. He consolidated the media under direct control of the Assembly, he nationalized many important portions of the world economy, and he greatly restricted long-distance travel.

But Kassck's largest reform was his campaign of deruralization. He created hydroponic farms and meat-cloning labs within every major city, in order to control the food consumption of the people living in those cities. Once he was done, he razed much of Theden's rural land, exterminating its inhabitants, with the liberal application of exothermic warheads.

Succession after Kassck

Pictured: Dagobar Orsh

Vrankenn Kassck intentionally left leadership of Fulkreykk to the State Council, since he sought for collective rule after his death. Ultimately, this didn't work out, and Dagobar Orsh, formerly the Manager of Urban Relations, was selected to be the new Forarr.

Political ideology

Vrankenn Kassck was a devout liberal and champion of globalism, and believed that his interpretation of liberalism, deemed "Kassckism", was the sole authentic version. According to his perspective, the humans of Theden would abandon tradition and religion, and be ruled by a government controlled by science. In reality, however, Fulkreykk turned out to be a society where science was controlled by the government.

Kassck adopted Korol Paphthov's "paradox of inclusiveness": that an inclusive society must exclude exclusive beliefs, otherwise the society will be overwhelmed and destroyed. He used this rhetorical point as a weapon to convince liberal regimes to conquer states governed by nationalist administrations.

The "paradox of inclusiveness" was also used by Kassck to decide internal policy. He restricted the franchise severely, only allowing those who already agree with the Forarr's desired electoral outcomes to vote in elections.

While Kassck celebrated democracy is his public rhetoric, in his writings on theory, Kassck claimed that liberal democracy is "ineffective" due to its emphasis on freedom of opinion, and that an authoritarian post-liberal oligarchy, ruled by the same elites as those in the previous democracy, is the next step after democracy inevitably fails. Kassck believed that the transition should be top-down, with the elite seizing greater and greater power in response to manufactured crises.


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