Ahriman's Anomaly

Ahriman's Anomaly is a void approximately 500 light-years in radius in the galactic east of Mechyrdia, lying at the center of the Wostoctyla sector. Within its region, neither space, time, matter, nor energy exist; indeed, nothing exists. Despite the nonexistence of anything inside the anomaly, sentient minds perceive normal galactic space, even with star systems and scattered nebulae, much like any normal region of space. This perception varies from person to person, as it is merely a sentient mind attempting to fill in the blanks of something that does not exist.

The moment any matter or energy enters the anomaly, it ceases to exist, yet can still be perceived, much in the same way as the space and objects already perceived within. Sentient beings, upon entering, cease to exist, yet are still perceived as alive and existent. What the entrant does, as seen by observers, also varies from person to person, yet is consistent with what that observer thinks the entrant "would" do, based on past experience.


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Ahriman's Anomaly was created by a Fulkreyksk weapons test during the First Tylan Revolution. Knowledge of its presence was lost after the fall of the First Fulkreyksk Authoritariat, and it was only rediscovered in 251, after the Fulkreyksk Cold War had ended. The Mechyrdian government inquired about its nature to the Versittend of Isarnareykk, Alaric Vytunn, however he denied knowing anything about it. It would only be after the Theudareyksk military raided an abandoned Isarnareyksk archive that the truth was revealed.

Upon discovery, knowledge of the Anomaly was immediately classified, and warning buoys were put up surrounding it to warn ships from entering the void. Radio telescopes point into the anomaly, to scan for disturbances. Biological lifeforms are typically instructed not to listen to the radio emissions; instead, that task is left to sapient AIs, who are not susceptible to the same effects of perception that biologicals are affected by. One person who listened to the emissions described it as "listening to white noise and hearing strange patterns, but without the white noise."

Incident of 254

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In the year 254, an unidentified fleet emerged from the anomaly and started heading to the Vensca system for an unknown purpose. This fleet had physical properties that cannot be described in words; literally in this case, as the words that describe them will inevitably disappear, whether they are hand-written or encoded digitally. Images and videos depicting this fleet also disappear. The fleet was destroyed, however, by defense stations in the Gamel Vrassan system, and hasn't been observed since then.