Kishari Religion

The Kishari religion (Ksh. Ynansyja Tewelörişi, lit "faith in the gods") is the pantheon of the Kishari people. Similar to the Tylan pantheon, the Kishari pantheon has been made manifest in the Veil through the efforts of the early human psykhers on Kishas, though unlike the Tylans' deities, the Kishari gods are much more militant. The Kishari were allowed by the Fulkreyksk Authoritariat to keep their religion, on the condition that they did not proselytize to others. Other peoples, who were conquered by Fulkreykk instead of voluntarily joining it, were not so lucky.


The Kishari view the material world as originating in the intersection between the Primordial Light (Jalçuq Ösirim) and the Ultimate Void (Keren Weksösim). First, there was only the Ultimate Void, home of the tyrannical and capricious Ejdönnönnör ("ones-who-come-from-evil", singular Ejdönnön). Then, the Primordial Light began to shine, and with it came the orderly and benevolent Karturyqor ("ones-who-serve-truth", singular Karturyq). Originally enslaved by the Ejdönnönnör, the Karturyqor rebelled and defeated them in the Şabas Ösirim "First War", slaughtering the dark gods and taking the dark goddesses as wives.

During the battle between the two divine tribes, the material world came into existence, having traits of both light and darkness. This gave rise to humans, who are capable of both good deeds and evil acts. The Kishari were the first tribe of humans to come into existence, and their first king, Kal-Orbaq, was personally tutored by the Karturyqor in the ways of war and conquest. In emulation of the gods, Kal-Orbaq led an army to conquer the Jutaşylor, a tribe to the west in the Yuta Basin. After slaughtering the men and taking the women as wives for his warriors, Kal-Orbaq ascended to join the gods.


The Kishari pantheon consists of the following deities:

Deity Physical traits Alignment during Şabas Ösirim Relations Patronage
Düs Old man Kartur (Light) Husband of Tamru, father of Kajyn, Nurgal, Sile The daytime sky, the sun
Tamru Old woman Kartur (Light) Wife of Düs, mother of Kajyn, Nurgal, Sile Rain and thunder
Kajyn Young muscular armor-clad man Kartur (Light) Son of Düs and Tamru, husband of Kaswa Strength and skill, as well as war and murder
Kaswa Young woman with military helmet Ejdön (Dark) Wife of Kajyn Punishment for naïveté, betrayal of enemies who give clemency
Nurgal Bald man with mustache and beard, wearing pants but no shirt Kartur (Light) Son of Düs and Tamru, husband of Işe Virility, youth, good health, earning happiness
Işe Woman wearing blue clothing Ejdön (Dark) Wife of Nurgal Punishment for laziness and hedonism
Sile Woman with two heads and pale skin Kartur (Light) Daughter of Düs and Tamru The two moons of Kishas, protection under the nighttime sky, ruler of the afterlife
Kal-Orbaq Man with a golden crown Not present Student under the gods Victory and conquest


The Kishari believe that a soul has two parts, one part being a person's ego or sense of self, and the other part being the person's spiritual life energy. When a Kishari person dies, his spiritual life energy dissipates back into the material world for new souls to be born, while his ego joins with the gods in the Primordial Light.

Whenever an outsider, someone who is not Kishari, dies, his soul is sent to the Ultimate Void to wait until the Last War, the divine eskhatology of the Kishari religion.


The Şabas Weksösim "Last War" refers to the final battle between the light and the darkness that will result in the end of the material world. It begins when the goddess Sile betrays the Karturyqor and opens the gates of the Ultimate Void to release every non-Kishari soul within. Kal-Orbaq will return to Kishas and rally the Kishari people to join with the gods. Empowering them to conquer the entire material world, Kal-Orbaq will then burn the souls of every outsider to illuminate the material world and join it with the Primordial Light.


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