Mechyrdia Sans

Mechyrdia Sans (Mec. Sans Mehurdias) is a sans-serif typeface designed by the Mechyrdian company Mic & Gab's for use by Mechyrdian government ministries, agencies, departments and organizations.

Mechyrdia Sans
Category Sans-serif
Classification Mixed
Supported writing systems Latin, Cyrillic, Greek (Monotonic)

Štefan Galagów

Kelbor Haelhar

Date released 137 UC (2777 AD)


Empire of Mechyrdia

Mechyrdia Sans is used by the Mechyrdian government for text on logos, holographic and more old-fashioned SED transit signs, headings on official text documents, and labels for buttons and other widgets in military device UIs.

Sector governments may use different typefaces, especially to support other writing systems such as Gothic, polytonic Greek, Japanese, Tylan, Caliborese, and so on.


Mechyrdia Sans is also used on signage in the Chaebodes Star Empire. The Sowilo Shchita system government used an in-house modification until the late 240s UC that featured slighly different characteristics, such numeral 1's without a lower serif.

Still other countries use typefaces that are adapted from Mechyrdia Sans for their own native writing systems, such as Stahlareykk, the Ilkhan Republic, and parts of the Niska Republic.

Font Sample

Mechyrdia Sans may be sampled here.

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