Hansa Galactica

The Hansa Galactica (Galactic Hanseatic League, German: Galaktische Hanse) is a corporate conglomerate of various merchant guilds operating within the Empire of Mechyrdia. Growing from the Texandria sector immediately after the Mechyrdian Revolution, the League gradually started to encompass much of the Empire's space, forming trade posts on settled worlds.

The capital of the Galactic Hanse is in Venezia Nuova, a small city in the Habsburg part of Kaiserswelt.

Hansa Galactica

Pennant of the Galactic Hanse
Type of site Conglomerate
Key people CEO Karl von Schwarzendorf
CFO Abraham Steinwurf
Industry Interstellar trade, protection against piracy
Revenue Ŧ144 billion (255 UC)
Operating income Ŧ25.6 billion (255 UC)
Launched 79 UC (2719 AD); 177 years ago
Current status Active


During the early years of the Empire of Mechyrdia, interplanetary trade was fraught with danger due to barbarian corsairs operating from asteroid bases in uninhabited star systems. The Dutch Outer Space Company tried to assist, but was stretched too thin trying to patrol trade routes throughout such a large volume of space.

In 23 UC (2663 AD), Ciar Nicólei signed a mandate subsidizing the purchase of armed starships by merchants, excluding warships of battlecruiser weight class or above. This allowed merchants to defend themselves from piracy. However, to be truly effective, merchants often had to band together and form convoys. The early such merchant alliances were formed in Texandria, where radical left-wing terrorists operating from Brotwelt were committing acts of piracy against almost every trade route in the sector.

In the year 79 UC (2719 AD), the Galactic Hanse was formally founded in Venezia Nuova by the heads of various merchant guilds. They negotiated amongst each other regarding provisions for a permanent administrative body, a semi-democratic regular legislature, a treasury, and a standing military force. Ultimately, all but one of these provisions were accepted into the final Charter of the Galactic Hanse; the legislature was instead made an irregular negotiating Board of Directors that operated on deliberation and consensus.

Later on, the attack by the American Vestigium and invasion by the Arkant Horde hit the League hard. It wouldn't be until 207 UC (2847 AD), after additionally weathering the Ferthlon Insurrection and stock market crash of 181 UC (2821 AD), that the League would have fully recovered. This recovery proved instrumental during the Ilkhan War, when the League financed much of the Mechyrdian war effort.

Today, the League encompasses space as far to the galactic north-west as Olympia and as far to the galactic south-east as Languavarth Untri.

Member worlds

The Galactic Hanse has twelve member worlds, but it offers protection to interstellar trade throughout most of Mechyrdia.

Dunom Kerque (Štarkihet)

Gutthiuda (Angrivar)

Janus IV (Janus IV)

Kaiserswelt (Texandria)

Karolina (Texandria)

Kelphoria Toph (Languavarth Obri)

Kozachnia (Nicólei)

Languavarth Prime (Languavarth Untri)

Mechyrdion (Mechyrd District)

Mundus Caesaris Divi (Olympia)

Saiwatta (Vescar)

Tyla (Ciapadtyla)


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