The Illuminati was a secret organization that existed during the Age of Earth in order to combat the malign influence of Aedon. Founded by Saint Augustine of Hippo, the Illuminati have had significant influence in much of Earth's history.

The emblem of the Illuminati


During the time of the Late Roman Empire, agents from the Drakhassi Federation visited the city of Hippo Regius in North Africa, where they met theologian Aurelius Augustinus. They told him secrets regarding the galaxy and the Veil, and convinced Augustine to create an organization that will fight against Aedon.

In the 12th century, the Illuminati started receiving support and supply from the Tylan Theocracy. The Tylans taught the Illuminati many techniques, such as how to contact one's own psychically-created deities within the Veil, how to use the Veil to influence the material realm, and how to identify Aedon's dark influence within other people.

The American Revolution was backed by the Illuminati, who saw the United States as the natural next step in Western history. However, they opposed the French revolution, seeing that the anarchic, petty nature of the French and Italian peoples was easy prey for Aedon.

The Illuminati supported the Union during the American Civil War, as they saw it necessary to replace the old Southern plantation aristocracy with a new Northern industrial plutocracy; they also supported the White forces during the Russian Civil War. After the formation of the Soviet Union, the Illuminati did everything they could to keep the Aedon-influenced faction of Leon Trotsky out of power.

During the early 20th century, Nikola Tesla, a scientist and engineer of the Illuminati, built anti-Veil pylons in northern Canada, with emitters pointed to the Aedon Vortex to seal it permanently. His work was continued by John G. Trump, uncle of the well-known American president, and Theodor Ludwig, member of the West German deep science division ECHIDNA.

In 401 PC (2239 AD), the humans of Earth made first contact with the forces of Aedon. A particle accelerator in China opened a rift to the Veil, unleashing demonic hordes into much of eastern Asia, and resulting in the formation of Aedonic cults across Earth that created more, smaller-scale Veil rifts. It was through the intervention of the Illuminati, at the sacrifice of their secrecy, that the destruction of Earth was averted.

With the existence of the Illuminati revealed to the rest of humanity, the organization was disbanded, though its tools of the trade are still known even to the present day.

Known members

From left to right: Nikola Tesla, John G. Trump, Theodor Ludwig

Due to the dissolution of the Illuminati in 396 PC (2244 AD), following a lengthy war against the forces of Aedon, it is impossible to know the identities of every member of the organization. However, the following people are currently known to have been members of the Illuminati:


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