"This unknowable force, the backend for which our reality is but the frontend, it is not a mere unfeeling program. The Veil feels, and it hates. It is a poison that has achieved far more than sentience, than even sapience. The End of the Cycle is a cunning entity; it makes its victims, its prey, into willing participants in their own damnation. This thing cannot be cured, Apolluon. You cannot pray it away, treat it with chemicals, or even fight against it, once the rot sets in. Once you are on the Path, your fate is sealed."
- Admiral Dobrinia Verówa

Aedon (Prodroman: Aídōn, from aideîn "to end, break, discontinue" and -ōn active gerund suffix, literally "the ending, breaking, discontinuation"), known to the Mechyrdians as the End of the Cycle, to the Tylans as the Kuret Vilar (Tyl. "great evil"), to Fulkreykk and the Drakhassi as the Primordial Exterminator, and to its worshippers as the Eternal Eminence, is the current form of the psychic energy that composes the Veil: a plane of existence beneath the material universe composed of psychic energy. Currently, due to Aedon's nature as a collective of gods that, in unison, represent evil and corruption, the Veil is a powerfully destructive energy, requiring strong discipline to avoid its influence.

All the emotions, thoughts, feelings, dreams and memes of living sapients are reflected into reality in the Veil. Psychic organisms, such as Tylans and Diadochi shamans, can manipulate the Veil to affect things in realspace; Tylans steel themselves against Aedon's influence, with the assistance of their Pantheon, in order to avoid corruption, while Diadochi shamans worship Aedon and embrace corruption.

Human psykhers that appear in most nations in the galaxy, such as Mechyrdia and Isarnareykk, are required to take psy-suppressants so they don't become possessed by a demon of Aedon. However, humans in Mechyrdia with sufficiently powerful psyonic abilities can feel the guidance of their own religion's deities within the Veil: Iēsoûs Khrīstós for Christians, Þórr, Óðinn, Freyja, etc. for Norsemen, Viṡṅu, Śiva, Brahmā, etc. for Hindus, Iuppiter, Minerva, Bellōna, etc. for Latins, the Āhurā Mazdā for Zoroastrians, as well as many other human religions of Mechyrdia. The same is not true in the galactic north, as the humans born of Theden lack any Veil deities due to the centuries of Fulkreyksk state atheism.

The symbol of Aedon


Aedon is a dark collective, comprised of four deities; each deity represents a different concept:

Each deity also has a name in the native Lingua Maledicta of Aedon: the Devourer of Stars is known as Meleḵ, the Herald of Fate is known as Qilāv, the Empress of Light is known as Ištar, and the Avenger of Death is known as Mādim.

Dominus Tenebrarum

The Dominus Tenebrarum ("Lord of Shadows", Maledicta: Ṣilum) is a hypothesized fifth god of Aedon, mentioned and described in various prophetic texts such as the Signum Anactis Haeretici as being a "dark vengeful lord" born from an "empire of gold and light". Most daemonologists interpret the latter as the Empire of Mechyrdia, yet the future incarnation of the former is a topic of hot debate in esoteric circles.


Fall of the Prodromans

Before the fall of the Prodroman Realm, the Veil was a plane of peace, created by the Prodromans to serve as an afterlife for souls to be recycled into new Prodromans. The Veil also provided a home for the Prodroman's gods, who blessed their worshippers' various activities represented by each of the gods. Due to their technological advancement, the Prodromans fell into rampant decadence and hedonism, and their gods, which they had created before in the Veil to represent their various emotions and concepts, had become corrupted and evil.

Eventually, a new god was created, entirely by the final accident of the Prodromans. This new god was named Aedon, Prodroman for "the breaking", and it represented the inevitable result of the Prodromans' debauchery: extinction. Aedon ripped a Veil rift in realspace around the Prodroman Realm's core worlds, consumed the Prodromans' gods, and released a psychic scream that drove many of the remaining Prodromans to death or insanity.

Few Prodromans survived with their minds intact, but those that did carried out several plans to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. The first plan was to spread the Prodroman genetic code across the galaxy, modified so that the new sapients wouldn't be susceptible to Aedon's influence. Two groups of Prodromans disagreed on how to accomplish this, however, resulting in the significant genetic differences between humans (Homo sapiens) and Tylans (Tylanus prudens).

The next plan was to create an artificial intelligence known as the Contingency to prevent these future civilizations from falling to Aedon's corruption. Unfortunately, the Contingency decided that the best way to do so was to exterminate all remaining Prodromans, forcing what few that survived the Fall and the Contingency's massacres into hiding. Currently, the Contingency is in a deep sleep mode, but it may wake up at any time.

Fall of the Caballians

The supernatural force that the Prodromans named "Aedon" was merely a single god: the Devourer of Stars. Aedon itself is a greater force within the Veil, able to consist of multiple deities. This would be demonstrated with the fall of a star-faring civilization known as the Principality of Caballiye. The first Princess of Caballiye ruled for over a millennium, yet she would eventually abdicate the throne and give it to a successor whom she finally found worthy.

This pattern continued for over 10,000 years, until the last Princess turned an unfortunate diplomatic incident into a war against the Drakhassi Union, predecessor to the Drakhassi Federation. Even though she horribly mismanaged the war out of a desire to control every aspect of it, her subjects, soldiers, and generals never questioned her orders. This led to the birth of another deity of Aedon: the Empress of Light, and the final extinction of the Caballians within a massive Veil rift that covers much of the galactic core.

War of Aedonau

The Fulkreyksk Authoritariat was vehemently against using psychic powers or recognizing deities as gods, yet even it had an impact on Aedon. Vrankenn Kassck, over the course of unifying Theden into Fulkreykk, ended up accidentally creating a new goddess of Aedon: the Herald of Fate. Due to the ultrascientific nature of the Fulkreyksk government, there was no Veil rift that formed over Theden.

Instead, the spiritual energy of progress was initially scattered, finally coalescing into a deity within the Aedon Vortex contained by the Drakhassi Federation. This led to the rise of the warlord Aedonau, the shadow of the Thedish people's collective soul, who waged a war against the Drakhassi Federation and Fulkreykk that would only be ended with the accession to Forarr of Praethoris Khorr.

Destruction of the Drakhassi

When the humans of Earth, known as Terrans, were well into colonizing their corner of the galaxy, they were invaded and conquered without warning by the Drakhassi Federation. Long having been secretly and invisibly corrupted by the influence of Aedon's deities, the Drakhassi enslaved the Terran people and used them as forced labor. Over the next few years, the Terrans formed a resistance movement, with the assistance of Drakhassi officials who opposed the occupation, and eventually hijacked a Drakhassi planet-killing super-weapon. The Planet Killer, as it was known, used a life-melting virus to dissolve a planet's biosphere into highly-flammable ooze, which would then ignite and burn off the oxygen in the world's atmosphere.

The Terrans, infuriated by their harsh treatment by the Drakhassi, destroyed planet after planet within the Federation, until the Tylan Theocracy to the east invaded Terran space, destroyed the Planet Killer, and occupied the Terrans for the next few decades. The reason why the Tylans were so proactive was because the Terran destruction of the Drakhassi ended up creating a new god of Aedon: the Avenger of Death. He represents a desire to return to an earlier time when things were good, which is exactly what the Terrans felt during the Drakhassi Occupation.

Aedon Vortex

The Aedon Vortex lies at the heart of Diadochi space. A massive Veil rift thousands of light-years across, where arcane energies bleed into realspace, the Vortex is a region of absolute irregibility, beyond not only the dominion of mortal lords, but also the domain of physical laws. It is the one place in the galaxy where flesh flows like fluid, and matter is merely myth. No human or Tylan may enter the Vortex and emerge unchanged, or at all, for the Veil corrupts mortals in both mind, body, and soul.

Hence, it is populated by the demons of Aedon's gods, the Unbidden. Known in the original Prodroman language as Shabanash, the Unbidden vary in origin: some are fragments of a particular deity's will, others are mortals who have earned immortality through service to a dark god, and still others are psychically-formed embodiments of social or political movements that ended up serving, wittingly or not, the schemes of an Aedonic deity.


The Chosen of Aedon

The Chosen of Aedon are four powerful lieutenants under the patronage of Ogus Khan, the current bearer of the Mark of Aedon Ascendant. Each of the Chosen is a mighty Dark Lord in their own right, and in charge of their own forces.

When summoned by their overlord, they carry out specific tasks in major operations, such as weakening Mechyrdia in preparation for the Masra Draetsen invasion. The titles and various duties they each bear are aligned to one of the four Gods of Aedon.

Titles and Duties


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