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- Malya kaVrynne

Malya kaVrynne (née Milaja Nataliówca Erdanówa) is the current Lady Perditrix, first and foremost warrior of the Devourer of Stars and one of the Chosen of Aedon. A woman of questionable sanity, kaVrynne is most well-known for the Second Despoilation of Pharsalus, a large-scale raid conducted against the settlements on the planet Pharsalus in the Calibor sector. After killing the previous Lord Perditor, Tohr Höllenblut, in plain view of Ogus Khan, Ogus gave Höllenblut's title to kaVrynne, reasoning that anyone with the guts to kill such a powerful person in plain view of everyone is more deserving of that person's power.

Lady Perditrix Malya kaVrynne
Lady Perdatrix
254 UC - present (2894 AD - present)
Predecessor Tohr Höllenblut
Personal info
Born 235 UC (2875 AD)
Religion Aedon-worship
Father Luþer Wilhelmówič Erdanów
Mother Natalia Giuniþówca Erdanówa
Other family Sigamund (older brother), Nicatór (younger brother)

Early life

Malya kaVrynne was born Milaja Nataliówca Erdanówa in 235 UC (2875 AD) to her parents Luþer and Natalia. Luþer Erdanów is the owner of multiple graphine-semiconductor factories in the Babylon Mater system in the Calibor sector; he and his family are very influential within Caliborese sector politics. Milaja was sent to a private school for her education, where she quickly became known as a gifted child, but at 14 years old, she expressed to her parents a desire to go into political activism, and her parents obliged. Milaja was pulled out of school and received private tutoring in the fields of political science and rhetoric.

Milaja's parents became concerned, however, when they found out that she was asking her tutor to teach her how to fight battles and wage wars: topics such as shooting phasguns, hand-to-hand combat, void tactics, military strategy, as well as logistics, astrophysics and geography, and accounting. In 252 UC (2892 AD), the 17-year-old Milaja took a star-shuttle and fled from her parents' mansion to Diadochi space, where she landed on the capital planet of the Masra Draetsen: the Inevitable Fortress.

Diadochi Warrior

Unaccustomed to the difference in gravity, Milaja still sought to prove her name in battle, and so she started a scuffle against a local patrol group. Having defeated them with ease, she introduced herself as Malya kaVrynne, using a pseudonym to avoid recognition. The patrol group took her to Ogus Khan, where she asked for a small task group to lead a raid into Mechyrdian space. Wanting to see how well or how poorly the newcomer would perform, Ogus decided to give kaVrynne what she asked for.

Second Despoilation of Pharsalus

kaVrynne took her raiding party into the Pharsalus system in Calibor, where she took advantage of the political attitudes common at Pharsalus World University to claim that they were seeking refuge. The university accepted their request, and directed their light cruiser to a drydock on the planet. This would prove a fatal mistake for much of the university administration. kaVrynne and her marauders massacred the drydock staff and used the planetary teleportaria to beam into various important locations on the university's main campus. They disabled the campus security system, crippled communications planetwide, started murdering people at random, and even vandalized the statue of the letter Φ in the main plaza.

The raiding group returned to their ship and fled from the system before Mechyrdian security forces showed up. The death toll of the massacre, not counting the Diadochi raiders, was 21,972. 1,125 were academic staff, 4,211 were administrative staff, 12,586 were undergraduate students, and 4,050 were postgraduate students. 20,148 were human, 1,824 were Tylan. The Second Despoilation of Pharsalus, as it came to be known, was decried in Mechyrdian national news as a senseless tragedy, and condemned in various voxcasts as an example of both Diadochi barbarism and Caliborese apathy.

Upon her return to the Inevitable Fortress, Ogus was so impressed with kaVrynne's brutality that he gave her a seat in the Khamarilla: the personal court of the Khan of the Masra Draetsen. The two sons of Ogus had different reactions to this: Niran was jealous of her quick rise to fame, while Galik became romantically interested in kaVrynne. Galik's attempt to ask kaVrynne out on a date was rebuffed, however, due to her awareness of Diadochi culture.

Lady Perditrix

In 254 UC (2894 AD), Malya kaVrynne approached Lord Perditor Tohr Höllenblut in the Hall of the Khanate Throne and stabbed him with a serrated combat knife 67 times in the chest. When a bodyguard was about to intervene, Ogus stayed the guard's hand. Höllenblut collapsed to the ground, having perished from his wounds, and Ogus declared that kaVrynne was the new Lady Perditrix, explaining that such brazen boldness would be perfect for the Devourer of Stars.

Present activities

Currently, kaVrynne is in the Ferthlon sector, leading the largest rebel warband in waging a guerilla war against Mechyrdian law enforcement. It is suspected that her favor by the Devourer of Stars protects her from being captured, as she is never present anywhere near the aftermath of her attacks, and the location of her next attack is usually too soon and too far away for her to have used regular bulkspace travel to reach her target.


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