Vyrni Khardus

"The only true constant in politics is progress."
- Vyrni Khardus

Vyrni Khardus is the current Lord Illuminator, first and foremost champion of the Herald of Fate and one of the Chosen of Aedon. An emigrant from Fulkreykk who moved his family to Mechyrdia after the fall of the Authoritariat, Khardus later saw opportunity for positive change within the Empire in the form of the Herald of Fate, a goddess of Aedon who represents progress.

Lord Illuminator Vyrni Khardus
Lord Illuminator
252 UC - present (2892 AD - present)
Predecessor title vacant
Decanus Vicarius of the College of Computer Science at Pharsalus World University
250 UC - 251 UC (2890 AD - 2891 AD)
Predecessor Giónaþan Clenówič Kaganów
Successor Kaela Asetbus-Nahra Chosrava
Officer of Fulkreyksk Internumssekuriheyd
204 UC - 246 UC (2844 AD - 2886 AD)
Role Systems Firmware Coding Expert
Rank Alpha-Minus
Personal info
Born 192 UC (2832 AD)
Religion Aedon-worship, formerly Atheist
Father Avadon Khardus
Mother Sylva Khardus

Childhood and education

Vyrni Khardus was born in 192 UC (2832 AD) to his parents Avadon and Sylva Khardus. Both low-ranking Bureaucrats, they wanted Vyrni to achieve more with his life, and so they enrolled him in the Akademia Heymadsekuriheydi on Theden, so their son can be a higher-ranking Enforcer instead. Vyrni performed poorly early on, but at age 14, he felt something inside his brain "click into place", and his grades went from being in the 60-65 range to the 95-100 range. He especially learned low-level systems programming very quickly; at just the age of 19, he was one of the main authors of a new major release of Grev Sovila OS, the only legal computer operating system within Fulkreykk.

He transferred his talents to working in the Heymadsekuriheyd well; before long, he was an Alpha-Minus officer with official expertise in Systems Firmware Coding. Then, in 247 UC (2887 AD), Fulkreykk collapsed, and Khardus was suddenly unemployed.

Life in Mechyrdia

Khardus moved to Mechyrdia in 248 UC (2888 AD), where he was already feeling that he should effect positive change upon the Empire in order to avenge the fall of his homeland. He became a professor at Pharsalus World University in the Calibor sector, teaching Embedded Systems. When Ragnar Elektrosteinn, Decanus of the College of Computer Science, retired, the Decanus Vicarius, Giónaþan Kaganów, became the new holder of the office of Decanus, and he made Khardus the new Decanus Vicarius of the College of Computer Science.

Khardus used his authority to manipulate people, students and faculty alike, in order to achieve his goal of changing Mechyrdia. The progressive political leanings of most of the people at the University made this easy, and just two years after becoming Decanus Vicarius, Khardus was able to arrange a personal trip to Maledicta, a planet within the Aedon Vortex. There, he made a deal with the local demons to buy a Veilcode virus and, upon his return, implanted it into the university computer systems at Pharsalus.

The Veilcode virus activated three months after its implantation. It turned the entire university into a psyon generator that created a portal into the Veil, allowing endless hordes of Diadochi warriors and Aedonic demons to emerge and begin slaughtering the population, in what came to be known as the First Despoilation of Pharsalus. During the chaos, Khardus disappeared into the Veil, never to be seen again on the planet.

Lord Illuminator

Khardus reappeared on the Inevitable Fortress, the capital planet of the Diadochus Masra Draetsen. There, a patrol group took him to Ogus Khan, who expressed his amazement at Khardus' masterful work in spreading fear and terror among the Mechyrdians. Ogus made Khardus the new Lord Illuminator, to fill the title since it had been made vacant a year ago with the Mechyrdian assassination of Lady Illuminatrix Tovria Khlotild.

Currently, Khardus is working in an unknown location in the Vescar sector, operating a voxcast station titled Voice of a Fair Mechyrdia from which he spreads progressive and pro-Aedon propaganda near the heart of the Empire.

Political Opinions

The political opinions espoused by Khardus resonate heavily with his Thedish background. He believes that history is a linear progression from "society being bad" to "society being good", and that it should be prevented from repeating as much as possible, which Khardus believes was the mistake that allowed Fulkreykk to collapse, by repeating the history of the Soviet Union.

Unlike most from Fulkreykk, and much unlike most serving the Masra Draetsen, Khardus holds the current ideals of Mechyrdia in high esteem, and views the Empire as a government that will be easy to transform into a regime of the original Fulkreyksk model of Vrankenn Kassck. For this reason, he voices great opposition to the Basileiów government for its attempts at recreating the ultimate fate that the Roman Republic, the American Republic, and the Telareth Republic all share: Caesarism, a concept that Khardus despises for its "reactionary nature".


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