Milky Way

The Milky Way galaxy is home to 9 recognized sovereign states, as well as the various Diadochi star-tribes.

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Homo sapiens 215,638,529,791,695
Tylanus prudens 145,241,480,117,212
Sapient artificial intelligences 26,640,866,606,812

Major Powers

Empire of Mechyrdia

Ciarstuo Mehurdias (other names)

Diadochus Masra Draetsen

Lingua Maledicta name redacted

Isarnareyksk Federation

Isarnareyksk Varbundan

Minor Powers

Mechyrdia-Aligned Alliance

Chaebodes Star Empire

Ĥajvōdum Ĥuvwō

Niska Republic

Alsetha Nissika

Ilkhan Republic

Ilkhai Nughuo

Fulkreyksk Splinter States

Theudareyksk Kingdom

Theudareyksk Kuningdum

(Friendly to Mechyrdia)

Swartareyksk Totalitariat

Swartareyksk Allandum


Stahlareyksk Binding


Lyudareyksk Baurginassus

(Friendly to Isarnareykk)


Three Civilized Diadochi

Diadochus Magistrorum


Diadochus Humilitatum


Diadochus Togatorum


Diadochi Raider Tribes

Diadochus Diabolorum


Diadochus Noctiferorum


Diadochus Viperarum


Historical Powers

Arkant Horde

Lingua Maledicta name redacted

(Collapsed into Diadochi with death of Great Khagan)

Tylan Theocracy

Vargeshtam Tulasram

(Fell to Tylan Republic's revolution)

Mechyrdian Protectorate

Prótectórstuo Mehurdias

(Existed briefly after stock market crash, tyrannical rule overthrown by Mechyrdian Navy)

Flag unknown

Prodroman Realm

Ohrejtóm Sŭe-Ahstróhhom (lit. Realm of its own stars)

(Hedonism and debauchery created the Devourer of Stars, an evil god of Aedon that consumed the Prodromans' souls)

First Fulkreyksk Authoritariat

Fulkreyksk Forardum

(Government went into isolation after secessions of Tylan, Ilkhan, and Niska governments)

Second Fulkreyksk Authoritariat

Fulkreyksk Forardum

(Government collapsed after Mechyrdian victory in the Fulkreyksk Cold War)

Terran Revolutionary Republic

Res Publica Telluris

(Occupied by Tylan Theocracy after waging war against the Drakhassi Federation)

Ilkhan Commune

Ilkhai Džižnugh

(Defeated in Great Galactic War, split into Mechyrdian-aligned Ilkhan Republic and Fulkreykk-occupied Ilkhan Potentate)

Telareth Republic

Moashtam Telareth

(Conquered by the Lihann Militia, resulting in founding of Lihann Empire)

Lihann Empire

Kjarshtam Lihannam

(United rest of world into Tylan Federation, later conquered by First Fulkreyksk Authoritariat)

Remnant States

American Vestigium

Imperial States of America

(Several scattered bases throughout galactic south)

Drakhassi Federation

Drakhash Vinun

(The planet Drakhaz, last place to have anti-Veil pylons that contain the Aedon Vortex)

Ferthlon Internation

Internatio Ferthlonensis

(Rioters and rebels within Ferthlon sector of Mechyrdia)

International Organizations

Rathian Consensus

Konsensar Rathasrar

Multinational Corporations

Dutch Outer Space Company

Nederlandse der Ruimte Compagnie

Mjölnir Energy

Mjölniri Energia (the umlaut is decorative and is not pronounced)

Celestial Caravan Company

Collegium Comitatum Caeleste

Akmon CFR

Organized Crime

Res Nostra

(international crime syndicate)

Corsairs' Commune

(international criminal wealth redistribution organization)

Felinae Felices

(international criminal shipbuilding syndicate)


(Isarnareyksk mafya)

Frankish Order

(French Catholic nationalists in Olympia)

Ongoing Conflicts

Name Attackers Defenders Situation
Neuia Fulkreykk Rebellion

Isarnareyksk Federation

Neuia Fulkreykk Rebellion

Swartareyksk Totalitariat (material support)

Theudareyksk Kingdom

Ilkhan Republic (material support)

Niska Republic (material support)

Neuia Fulkreykk rebels control the Durya and Lakunya systems, but has made no further advances since 253 UC (2893 AD).

Demeter Ursalia seeks a diplomatic summit with Chancellor Basileiów regarding the legal status of Neuia Fulkreykk.

Southern Diadochi Raids Diadochus Masra Draetsen

Empire of Mechyrdia

Chaebodes Star Empire

Having intensified during the Pthilnora Chancellory, the raids are starting to quiet down with Marc Adlerówič Basileiów's harsh retaliations and fortifications.
Northern Diadochi Raids

Diadochus Viperarum

Diadochus Diabolorum

Chaebodes Star Empire

Empire of Mechyrdia (material support)

Lyudareyksk Baurginassus

Isarnareyksk Federation (material support)

With the growing threat of the Diadochus Masra Draetsen, the Viperae and Diaboli have become more desperate in their raids.
Mechyrdia-Vestigium War American Vestigium Empire of Mechyrdia The forces of the Vestigium have made themselves more known during the past 8 years, with attacks reaching the highest point in 255 UC (2895 AD) since the American Millennium War in 136 UC (2776 AD).


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