Organized crime groups of the Galaxy

Res Nostra

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The Res Nostra (Lat. "our thing") is an organized crime syndicate originating in Pre-Mechyrdian Olympia. It is considered to perhaps be the largest and most powerful criminal society in the entire galaxy. A loose, horizontally-structured association of familiae, the Res Nostra's core activities are protection racketeering, piracy, arms trafficking, political extortion, and business with the Diadochus Masra Draetsen.

Over the past decade, the Res Nostra has made alliances with its former rivals, such as the Chevaliers, the Corsairs' Commune, and most recently the Felinae Felices. The Res Nostra maintains a strong presence in not only its native Olympia, but also the rest of Mechyrdia, the Niska Republic, the Ilkhan Republic, and Diadochi space. They are a reliable asset of Ogus Khan, serving as his voluntary operatives outside where the Masra Draetsen's Enkentar can influence.

According to Tylan Kensar Gali Toratva, in a 255 UC publication by the Mechyrdian Mafia-Uprooting Commission, the most powerful groups of the Res Nostra are familia Caecilia, familia Salvia, and the Cogidubnus Alliance.

Felinae Felices

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The Felinae Felices (Lat. "lucky felines") are an organized crime syndicate originating in Calibor. It is considered to be only second, in both size and power, to the Res Nostra. Unlike the Res Nostra, the Felinae Felices are organized hierarchically with a single Maxima at the top, in charge of Ducissae who themselves are in charge of Dominae, and the Feles at the bottom of the pyramid.

The primary activity of the Felinae is building starships for other crime syndicates. The ships built by the syndicate are ridiculously advanced, featuring inertialess drives superior to those used by the Vestigium, Lightning Yarn weapons that ignore void shields, Particle Claw weapons with sentient projectiles that probe targeted ships' weaknesses and exploit them, and relativistic armor that protects the ship better when it's moving faster.

Formerly a rival of the Res Nostra, under the rulership of their current Maxima Tanaquil Cassia Pulchra, the Felinae have arranged a ship-building deal with the Res Nostra, since the latter's fleet had been wiped out in a Mechyrdian police action.

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