"It looks beautiful, but keep in mind: this is the most dangerous world in the galaxy. Danger does not always take the form of Diadochi Kampians with shadowguns. This world is where the elite of the Mechyrdia have gathered. These are the most ruthless and ambitious sons of bitches ever taken from a hundred worlds. This is where they come to realize their dreams, and on Mechyrdion they will let nothing stand in their way. Not me, not you, and not even their own families."
- Captain Lucius Flaminius Salemo, NBO Rhea Silvia commanding

Mechyrdion is the capital world of the Empire of Mechyrdia. It is home to the Imperial Legislature, the Imperial Chancellery, the Imperial Department, and the Imperial Magistracy, each within a separate city on the planet.

Planetary Information
Mean radius 1 Rμ, 6,144 km
Mass 1 Mμ, 6.4e+24 kg
Surface gravity 11.32 m/s2
Axial tilt 1.28 degrees
Semi-major axis 1.77e+8 km
Orbital period 256 Mechyrdian days (approximately equal to the duration of one Earth year)
Orbital eccentricity 0.192
Atmospheric pressure 1.29 atm, 1.31e+5 Pa
Atmospheric composition 80% nitrogen, 16% oxygen, 3% argon, 1% carbon dioxide
Stellar Information
Star name Mechyrd
Star mass 3.2e+30 kg
Star volume 1.44e+18 km3
Star luminosity 3.6e+26 W
Star age 4.2 Gyr
Population, government, and economy information
Population 25.6 billion
Ethnic groups 53.6% Human
28.8% Tylan
14.4% Abhuman (gene-modded)
3.2% Other
Classification Industrial/Ecumenopolis
Industry focus Power Generation, Information and Computation


The name of Mechyrd, the star around which the planet Mechyrdion orbits, was originally known as Mehurdas, the Warrior Star, a compound of meha "star" and urdas "warrior". Its modern spelling comes from the Latin-script transliteration of the Tylan language's transliteration of the name.

Human History

Millions of years ago, humanity evolved on several planets in the galaxy. One of these planets was Earth, within the Sol system. Having evolved from one of the Prodroman genomes spread across the galaxy, eventually mankind's technology began to advance at an exponential rate. After a brief hiatus on human space travel, by 622 PC (2018 AD) a primitive automobile was launched into orbit around the home star. This automobile would later be towed and put in an orbital Earth museum of early human space travel.

Early Interstellar Travel

In 592 PC (2048 AD), humanity invented the bulkspace drive, allowing them to travel interstellar distances and colonize other worlds. Humans colonized many worlds, one among them Mechyrdion, in 576 PC (2064 AD). Mechyrdion, however, already had its own native humans who had advanced to the point of using primitive powder-based muskets, leading to a war between the two groups. Eventually, the invading Earth humans made peace, gave the Mechyrdian humans their advanced technology, and created a new language to speak from a combination of those of the natives and those of the colonists.

Mechyrdion had many continents rich in natural resources, but for much of prior Mechyrdian history, these were inaccessible due to the inhospitable climate. This abundance led to the invasion of Mechyrdion by the Space Force of the United States of America, which sought to take the Mechyrdians' petroleum and uranium for themselves. The US was eventually driven off, due to the local inhabitants' guerilla tactics.

During this time, the various human nations and colonies formed good diplomatic relations with the Tylan Theocracy. Some other colonies, such as the Italians of New Fiume, voluntarily became subjects of the Tylans.

The Drakhassi Dark Age

In 144 PC (2496 AD), an authoritarian state of several alien races, known as the Drakhassi Federation, came to humanity and enslaved the populace, treating humans as state property, forcing them to work for nothing in return, and executing any who resisted. The Tylan Theocracy to the east, due to its radical anti-slavery policies, declared war against the Drakhassi. This war was known to the humans as the Sitzkrieg, a pun on Blitzkrieg (an ancient tactic from the Age of Earth), as the Tylans didn't execute any offensive actions against the Drakhassi.

After several years, the humans would rise up in revolution and seize one of the federation's planet-breakers. They went from world to world, evacuating the humans, pillaging the technology and resources, and then destroying the planet. Having formed a revolutionary republic in 128 PC (2512 AD), the humans focused themselves on the eradication of tyranny. The human republic would not last, however, as an ambitious general Nicolas Bonaparte (a distant descendant of the French emperor) would execute a coup d'état and declare himself king.

As the king, Nicolas declared his ambition to wipe out the Drakhassi natives. However, by this time, a malicious god of Aedon known as the Avenger of Death had finished gestating and came into existence in the Veil, due to the destruction of the Drakhassi and the federation that they had formed to contain the Aedon Vortex. Such awakening alarmed the Tylans, spurring them into action; they conquered the human revolutionaries, and forcefully made the humans subjects of the Theocracy. As a psionic race, the Tylans had always understood the threat that the deities of Aedon posed to the galaxy.

The Tylan Occupation and the Twin Revolutions

The human realms chafed under the bonds of the Tylan Theocracy. While the Theocracy remained a free, if somewhat corrupt, representative democracy, it didn't allow humans to vote, as they inhabited subject realms, outside of the Theocracy's core territory. Furthermore, the Theocratic government had imposed harsh taxes upon the human realms to fund repairs of the damage caused by the war with the Drakhassi. Eventually, the Kingdom of Mechyrdion declared independence from the Tylans, leading many other human feudatories to join with the Kingdom. This led to the founding of the Empire of Mechyrdia in year 0 UC (2640 AD), beginning the first of the Twin Revolutions.

Meanwhile, the Theocracy was facing its own internal struggles. The Tylan populace had likewise become tired of Theocratic corruption, and thus a revolution was started by a Tylan militia known as the Forest Brothers; hence the name of the Twin Revolutions. This revolution led to the formation of the Tylan Republic, which joined the Empire of Mechyrdia, creating the dual-state system that the Mechyrdians have today.

The Empire of Mechyrdia

See: Empire of Mechyrdia § History

Notable Locations

Swamp Square

The capitol buildings of Mechyrdion: the Imperial Legislature, the Imperial Chancellery, the Imperial Department, and the Imperial Magistracy, are located at Swamp Square (Mec. Paludlic Placj), on Palatine Continent. The name was chosen as an example of self-deprecating humor, as the politicians are calling their own capital a swamp.

Swamp Square is also home to the headquarters of the Rathian Consensus. Founded in 214 UC (2854 AD) by Tylan diplomat Kalora Ratha to prevent another massive galaxy-spanning war, the Consensus hosts diplomats from every sovereign galactic state. Even some of the Diadochi are represented in it.


The Hellevator is a massive series of elevators that leads from the surface of the planet to an urban complex near the mantle of the planet, named Helvet. Hell is the home of a massive geothermal and nuclear power-generation complex that gives much of the rest of the planet electricity, as well as several hotels, apartment buildings, and themed restaurants.


Autonum is an orbital industrial and manufacturing complex, built in the early history of Mechyrdian space travel. In recent years, it has been gradually downsized, as a lot of manufacturing now comes from either elsewhere in the Empire, or foreign countries such as Niskon or Ilkhai.


Nakrosh was a dark temple-complex at the southern pole of the planet. Formerly controlled by the Aedon-worshipping cult known as the Haq Galdril, Nakrosh was demolished in 25 UC (2665 AD) as a stipulation of the treaty that unified Mechyrdia and Tyla. Currently, Nakrosh is still in the process of decontaminating its eldritch radiation, and is a forbidden area for civilians.


Seku-Dur is a drydock for Mechyrdian Navy ships. The dock is the headquarters of a corporate syndicate known as the Shipmen, and its services are rented by not only the Navy, but also private traders and mercenaries.


The Pharas is a galactic positioning system used for ships to identify their current location in the Milky Way Galaxy, using Pharai located on Tyla, Ferthlon Tertius, Languavarth Prime, and Mechyrdion itself to triangulate (via bulkspace-enhanced tachyon rays) the positions of starships. Each of the Pharai is maintained by engineer-priests known as the Pharasmin; the emitters and computer equipment are placed inside of grand temples dedicated to the ancient constructors of the Pharai. There are also Pharai in the galactic north and east, on Ilkhai, Niskon, Theden, and Vladizapad.

The Mechyrd System

The Mechyrd system is the home star system of the planet Mechyrdion. It has seven planets: five terrestrial, two gas giant.


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