Mageina Habana

Mageina Habana (Got. 𐌼𐌰𐌲𐌴𐌹𐌽𐌰 𐌷𐌰𐌱𐌰𐌽𐌰, translated as "Port Maw") is an ancient Prodroman naval anchorage, currently used by the Mechyrdian Navy, within the Angrivar sector of Mechyrdia. The technology of Port Maw is beyond anything that even Fulkreykk had at the height of its power, but much of it is still inaccessible due to the Prodromans' system lockouts, as well as eldritch radiation and computers infested with Programma Maledictum scrap-code viruses dating back to the fall of the Realm.



Very little is known about the Prodroman Realm before its fall and the birth of the Devourer of Stars, the first god of Aedon. The original Prodroman name of Port Maw is still a topic of hot debate. Mechyrdian historians have determined that Port Maw was built during the first few centuries of the Realm as a battle-station during the Prodromans' wars against other spacefaring species of the galaxy. Since its construction, the station had been continuously maintained by the Prodromans, who, at some later point, refitted it into a civilian starship refueling outpost, while keeping its defensive capabilities for use against corsairs and raiders.

After the fall of the Realm, the dark gods of Aedon had managed to corrupt some of Port Maw's computer systems, before some of the surviving Prodromans configured a Veil-based firewall to repel the influence of the evil deity. Port Maw remained in service before its power generators suddenly went offline, forcing the anchorage into hibernation.

Fulkreyksk Reactivation

During the Fulkreyksk war against the Drakhassi Federation, Forarr Jorh Karnas and his Manager of Superscience Tovaris Ckev ordered the Authoritariat's military to search for any historical artifacts left over from previous galactic civilizations that might help in the war against the Drakhassi. Teraucque Noire, as Port Maw was initially named by the Fulkreyksk star-sailors who discovered and reactivated it, could not detect any Prodromans still in the galaxy, and so the station activated its emergency AI control routines.

The AI inquired about the Fulkreyksk soldiers' mission, and deemed them unworthy of commanding it. Instead, Teraucque Noire reached out into both time and space, and the first group of people it found worthy was the tribe of Goths from Earth during the 5th century AD, 500 years before the reactivation of the ancient outpost. These Goths were copied from their own time onto the station, and given a brief education by the AI in space warfare and modern (for the time) weaponry.

Formation of Angrivaria

The Goths gave the station its current name Mageina Habana (𐌼𐌰𐌲𐌴𐌹𐌽𐌰 𐌷𐌰𐌱𐌰𐌽𐌰), translated as Port Maw, for its mouth-like appearance. They went out and formed their own polity in the galactic south, independent of both the Fulkreyksk Authoritariat and the Drakhassi Federation. While initially hostile to the Latin-speaking Olympian Republic that existed to the galactic northeast of the Goths' Angrivaria, the two polities realized that they needed to band together to survive being neighbors of the much-stronger Fulkreyksk and Drakhassi hegemonies.

Protection by the Tylan Theocracy

After the fall of the First Fulkreyksk Authoritariat, both Olympia and Angrivaria requested the newly-formed Tylan Theocracy for protection from the Drakhassi Federation to the galactic west. The humans of Earth, meanwhile, eventually invented bulkspace-based FTL travel too, enabling them to start colonizing the stars just as the Gothic-speaking Angrivarians and Latin-speaking Olympians had. Due to Earth's high population, the Terrans (as humans from Earth are called) colonized a wide spread of space in the galactic south. Some Terran colonies were refuges from the American Empire's hegemony, others were extensions of the same hegemony. During the Tylan-American War, Olympia stayed neutral, while Angrivar supported the Tylans.

The Two Occupations

When the Terrans' colonies were occupied by the Drakhassi Federation, the Tylan Theocracy declared war, yet largely did nothing to free the Terrans from Drakhassi tyranny. This resulted in resentment, to the point that when the Terran Revolutionary Republic rose up, the Goths of Angrivar wanted to invade the Tylan Theocracy in addition to Drakhassi space. This proposal was voted against 41-28, and so Tylan space was never invaded.

The Terran Revolution was even more brutal to the Drakhassi than the Drakhassi were to their Terran subjects. Such brutality spurred the Tylan Theocracy into action: the Tylan military occupied the Terran core worlds, and balkanized the Republic into various Terran-led collaborative feudatories. One such feudatory was the Duchy of Angrivar, which joined the Empire of Mechyrdia with great enthusiasm when Ciar NicΓ³lei declared a revolution against the Tylan Theocracy's control. Angrivar struck deep against Varannia, which had remained loyal to the Tylans.

Finally, with the Tylan Revolution and unification of Mechyrdia with the Tylan Republic, there was peace. Port Maw was given to the Mechyrdian military by the Angrivar sector government.

In Modern Times

Port Maw has served as a stronghold for Mechyrdian forces during every struggle that the Empire has been through: the Vestigium "American Millennium" Attack, the invasion by the Arkant Horde, and the Ferthlon Insurrection. During the Great Galactic War, Port Maw's configurable bigger-on-the-inside interior was a lifesaver for Tylan refugees whose homes had been destroyed by the invading Communards.

Currently, Port Maw's computer systems have been behaving erratically, in ways that have led to several disasters in recent years. Conservative pundits speculate that the glitches in Port Maw are caused by a leak in the ancient Veil-based firewall that keeps out the influence of Aedon's deities.


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