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Gaius Octavius Avitus

Consul Gaius Octavius Avitus was one of the legendary founders of the Olympian Republic. Avitus founded the Republic by wresting control from Caeionius Severus, "Ceion the Harsh", the 12th and final King of Olympia. In doing so, he ensured that no king would ever rule Nova Roma again, and gave a liberating element to the Olympian polity's wars of conquest against the primitive tribes of the planet.

Igar Avraamovich

Igar Avraamovich is the current Fulksleydarr of the Swartareyksk Totalitariat. After the fall of Fulkreykk, he and his military clique rapidly took control of the government, seeing that the Swartareyksk civilian leadership was about to ask Mechyrdia for aid in establishing its independence.

Since his seizing of power, Avraamovich has maintained close ties with Isarnareykk and its leader Demeter Ursalia.

Julius Bassus

Lieutenant Senior Grade Julius Bassus is the current Chief Medical Officer of the CMŠ Epicheirema. A good friend of science officer Theomachus Garadon, Bassus is similarly a voice for morality and doing the right thing, though his empathy is less big-picture and exists more on a personal, individual level.

Astrid Daurn

Lieutenant Junior Grade Astrid Daurn is the current Chief Engineer of the CMŠ Epicheirema. A problem-solver by heart, Daurn rose through the ranks of Mechyrdian Navy Engineering by accomplishing in a matter of hours tasks that would take days for anyone else. However, Daurn is not good with people; she often comes across as rude or insulting when she tries to speak normally.

Daurn sees every negative occurrence as a symptom of a problem that should be solved. When she was in university, her great-grandfather passed away of a heart attack. Daurn, realizing the sheer fragility of the human body, went to a genetics clinic and underwent a procedure to give her a second heart, for her body to use as a backup.

Dyotrik v'Eritzssck

Father-Sergeant Dyotrik v'Eritzssck was a militiaman and clergyman from Geoutlan County of Theden, and the leader of the Syudanheym Reaction, a rebellion against the Thedish Assembly, a global legislature founded by Vrankenn Kassck as a means to homogenize and progressivize the various cultures of Theden. The Reaction was largely made up of religious, well-armed rural farmers who wanted to preserve their local traditions.

The Syudanheym rebels were successful for a while, having managed to capture Khau-Nuut, the Fulkreyksk administrative capital of the region, but this changed when Forarr Kassck mobilized forces in bordering counties, who harshly put down the rebellion and executed its leaders, including v'Eritzssck.

Theomachus Garadon

Lieutenant Commander Theomachus Garadon (Θεομάχος Γαραδῶν) is the current Chief Science Officer of the CMŠ Epicheirema. He is often the voice of empathy and morality, contrasting with the ship's executive officer Wilhelm Kaganski. Garadon is a good friend of medical officer Julius Bassus, sharing a similarly ethical mindset, yet Garadon is more focused on the big picture and trying to stop evil people such as the leadership of the Diadochus Masra Draetsen.

Though he is a citizen of Mechyrdia, he was born in the Tiwaz Tauri system back when it was held by the Corvus Cluster sect of the American Vestigium. His father was Marcus Garadon (Μᾶρκος Γαραδῶν), a frontline soldier of the Vestigium Army. Theomachus keeps his ancestry a secret, as the Vestigium is not seen favorably by most Mechyrdians.


Maršal-Niv Ghirilqa was the commander-in-chief of the Ilkhan Commune's military during the Great Galactic War. Born to a poor family of the Ilkhan Hegemony, Ghirilqa joined the Communard revolutionaries out of resentment for the aristocracy.

She was appointed to the position of Maršal-Niv "Great Marshal" in recognition of her logistical brilliance during the conquest of the Niska Regality. During the Ilkhan invasion of Mechyrdia, Ghirilqa initially passed on liquidation orders from the Workers' Council to her subordinate officers, believing that it was the best thing to do for the Commune.

When the Mechyrdian and Fulkreyksk militaries reached Ilkhai itself, the entire civilian leadership of the Workers' Council committed suicide to avoid facing justice for their crimes, leaving Ghirilqa as the sole surviving leader of the Commune. Ghirilqa, realizing the depth of the atrocities she helped to commit, agreed to sign the unconditional surrender of the Ilkhan Commune.

After the war, Ghirilqa helped the Mechyrdians rebuild the military of the new Ilkhan Republic, in order to prevent or prepare for an invasion from the Fulkreykk-aligned Ilkhan Potentate.

Sven Goldhowl

Sven Goldhowl is the current right-hand-man to Benjami Sikasrar, Chairman of the Diadochus Magistrorum. While he knows that Benjami plans to make the Magistrorum independent from both Mechyrdia and the Masra Draetsen, he is kept completely in the dark about how the plan is going to be carried out.

Richard Hardon

Richard Hardon is the current Vice President of the Corvus Cluster sect of the American Vestigium. He is a moderating influence in the Mach presidency, serving to present a more sympathetic view of the Mechyrdians.

Wil T. Kaganski

Commander Wilhelm Tomasz Kagański is the current executive officer of the CMŠ Epicheirema, and the first officer to Captain Tiberius von Kirche. He is often the voice of reason and rationality, contrasting with the ship's Chief Science Officer Theomachus Garadon.

Rosa Kaisaraleika

Rosa Kaisaraleika was the chief executive of Kaisaraleika Caravan, before its destruction by unknown forces within the Starkihet sector of Mechyrdia. Rosa personally thinks that the Celestial Caravan Company is responsible for the attack, but she doesn't have any evidence to provide in a court of law, and is unwilling to take matters into her own hands without any outside help. She currently resides at Westmark Outpost in the Calibor sector.

Caius Khosrov

His Majesty Caius Khosrov is the current King of the Theudareykski. He desires closer ties for his nation with the Empire of Mechyrdia, yet he is obstructed by pro-Isarnareykk elements in his kingdom.

Ever since Demeter Ursalia started supplying rebels in the Doriya and Lakoniya systems to form the Neuia Fulkreykk rebellion against the Theudareyksk royal government, King Caius has found it easier to suppress those loyal to Isarnareykk within his bureaucracy, citing a matter of national security, and consequently has formed closer ties with Mechyrdia.

Tiberius von Kirche

Captain Tiberius von Kirche is the current commanding officer of the CMŠ Epicheirema, the flagship of the Mechyrdian Navy. Currently assigned to cataloguing stars in uncharted space within the Mechyrdian heartland, von Kirche wishes that he could be waging battles against the Diadochus Masra Draetsen instead.

Psekna Korgaleira

Lieutenant Commander Psekna Kotvas-Nahra Korgaleira Turanes-Rho'et is the current Strategic Operations Officer of the CMŠ Epicheirema. Korgaleira uses her psychic powers to divine potential futures that could result from different choices, making her invaluable to the Mechyrdian Navy. As Strategic Operations Officer, Korgaleira answers directly to Captain Tiberius von Kirche; her responsibilities include coordinating Mechyrdian Navy activity within the vicinity of the CMŠ Epicheirema.

"Korgie", as she is affectionately named by her friends, is horrifyingly bloodthirsty by human standards. When she was 15 years old, she travelled to Brotwelt, a human colony-world in the Texandria sector, because she learned that some of the settlements on Brotwelt were waging a syndicalist rebellion against Mechyrdian authority. When Psekna arrived at one of the rebelling towns, she began slaughtering everyone; civilian and rebel alike.

As a result, she was tried as an adult and sentenced to conscription into a penal warship of the Mechyrdian Navy. Gradually, she climbed the ranks, eventually becoming a commissioned officer.

Lhqura Krrhax

Her Imperial Majesty Lhqura Krrhax is the current Empress of the Chaebodes Star Empire. Having been crowned in the ashes of the Imperial Palace following an anarchist terrorist attack, Lhqura is tough on crime. She has begun a wide-ranging reform plan to replace imprisonment with corporal and capital punishment, both being carried out in the public square.

Alex P. Mach

Alexander Phillison Mach is the current President of the Corvus Cluster sect of the American Vestigium. With a burning grudge for Mechyrdia in his heart, President Mach will stop at nothing to see the fall of the Empire and the rebirth of his America, going as far as allying with the Masra Draetsen to achieve this.


Maioriana is the current First Keeper of the Diadochus Togatorum. She places a lot of weight on upholding the reputation of her establishment, and wants nothing to do with the barbaric Masra Draetsen. She is also disgusted by cannibalism, and has been so ever since the Mechyrdians civilized her people and put them in charge of the Astra-Luxe casino/restaurant station.

Nicholas Mechyrdov

Ciar Nicólei Mehurdów, otherwise known as "Emperor Nicholas the First and Only", was the first and only Emperor of the Empire of Mechyrdia. Born during the Tylan Occupation of Earth's colonial space, Nicholas became King of Mechyrd at a young age.

During his early adulthood, he conspired with the other human vassals of the Tylan Theocracy to wage a revolutionary war. His efforts resulted in not only the founding of the Empire of Mechyrdia, with himself as Emperor, but also a Tylan revolution against their Theocratic government that led to the formation of the Tylan Republic.

It was through the diplomatic efforts of Ciar Nicólei that the Empire of Mechyrdia and the Tylan Republic were able to unify peacefully, under a single representative constitutional government. In his old age, the Emperor willed that the people of Mechyrdia should inherit the throne, leading to the transition of Mechyrdia into a republic, though they still call themselves an Empire out of respect for his legacy.

Roman von Mente Erudita

Roman von Mente Erudita is a member of the Mechyrdian Senate from the Texandria sector. A member of the Liberal Party, von Mente Erudita was originally instrumental in convincing the Whigs to betray the Imperial Party and join the Democratic Union's coalition instead. Since the 252 UC (2892 AD) election, he has made every effort to lead the Liberals in opposing Chancellor Basileiów.

His name was originally Roman von Mittelburg, but he changed it to Roman von Mente Erudita when he was 25 years old to make himself look more intelligent.


Mortemar is the current Second Keeper of the Diadochus Togatorum. Unlike his boss Maioriana, Mortemar wants to return to cannibalism while still maintaining the fine-dining aesthetic of the Astra-Luxe station. To do so, he recognizes that a covert alliance with the Masra Draetsen, while still maintaining the appearance of loyalty to Mechyrdia, would be necessary.

Septimius Otho

Ensign Septimius Otho is the current Chief of Security of the CMŠ Epicheirema; on the bridge, he also fulfills the role of fire-control officer.

A law-and-order man by heart, Otho despises unnecessary or excessive bloodshed. As a result, he strongly distrusts Lieutenant Commander Psekna Korgaleira, preferring to keep his interactions with her professional and concise.

Evstran Panthothvili

Evstran Panthothvili is the current Supreme Leader of the Lyudareyksk Baurginassus, having kept leadership since he was the Regaerangsdelegaet (Government Delegate) of the Lyudareyksk Subordinate Authority. After the fall of Fulkreykk, he simply declared Lyudareykk's independence while renaming his office to Supreme Leader.

Velga Pthilnora

Velga Tarkones-Nahra Pthilnora is a former Chancellor of the Empire of Mechyrdia, having served a single term before being replaced in the 252 UC (2892 AD) election by current Chancellor Marc Adlerówič Basileiów. Belonging to the Democratic Union party of the Mechyrdian Senate, Pthilnora's policies served only to divide and impoverish the nation.

Having been out of the Chancellory for 4 years, Pthilnora is hoping to return to the office in the 256 UC (2896 AD) election. However, not only does Basileiów's Freedom Party stand in the way, but so does the neo-progressive wing of the Democratic Union, led by Governor of Calibor Ileexie Vyssikah.

Qimtar Quhrin

Qimtar Quhrin is the current President of the Ilkhan Republic. He was elected on a platform of unity and process, similar to the election of Mechyrdian chancellor Velga Pthilnora. One of the policies he is enacting he calls "reconciliation with the past", a populist reform meant to help the Ilkhan people move past their national guilt. However, this policy has been criticized for potentially enabling such an atrocity as the Clades Ilkhana to happen again.

Titus von Richthofen

Titus von Richthofen is the current General of the Ground Force of the New Austin Colony sect of the American Vestigium. He earned recognition by defending the Dutch manufacturing world Grauwald from an attack by Ferthlonese rebel remnants, and uncovering a plot by Masra Draetsen warlord Malekith to sacrifice the entire planet's population to the deities of Aedon.

Ulari Sathalan

Captain Ulari Sathalan is the current commanding officer of the Fulkreyksk ship Grev Ahtaumenth. Having broken away from Isarnareyksk command, Sathalan's recent actions are very frightening to both Haukmarascal Ursalia and Chancellor Basileiów, as they seem to indicate that he is taking his ship into Mechyrdian space to wage a one-ship war. With the advanced technology of the Grev Ahtaumenth including an experimental combat cloaking device, this makes the ship a priority target for every civilized nation in the galaxy.

Benjami Sikasrar

Benjami "Benny" Sikasrar (IPA: /ˈben.ja.mi siˈka.sɾaɾ/) is the current Chairman of the Diadochus Magistrorum. While willing to feign cooperation with Mechyrdia, Benny's long-term goal is to make the Magistri truly independent from both Mechyrdia and the Diadochus Masra Draetsen.

Robert Sparr

Robert Sparr is the current Marshal of the Space Force of the New Austin Colony sect of the American Vestigium. He distinguished himself early own by defending the Talismans of Austrana, ancient space stations built by the Prodromans, from an attack by a temporary alliance of multiple Diadochi.

Sparr was promoted to the position of Marshal of the Space Force, one of two executive positions of the New Austin Vestigium's government, after a group of Mechyrdian Navy officers revealed the previous holder of the position, Matthew Drang, to be a spy for the Masra Draetsen.

Theodore Stellico

Theodore Stellico is the current Regent of the Coleman Space Force Base sect of the American Vestigium. He currently maintains a policy of cold neutrality towards the Mechyrdians, saying "I won't shoot at you if you don't shoot at us". However, he is more open to an alliance against the Masra Draetsen than the openly-hostile President Mach of the Corvus Cluster Vestigium is.

Tiaru Taebok

Tiaru Taebok is the President of the Niska Republic. She was elected on a platform of keeping the Ilkhans to the galactic north accountable for their past crimes, something that has led to many conflicts with President Quhrin of the Ilkhan Republic, since he wants to reconcile with the past, instead of continuing to feel national guilt over it.

Karolyssa Torgova

Karolyssa Torgova is the current Federal President of the Stahlareyksk Binding. She joined the Empire of Mechyrdia as an ally early on, before the military was even able to mobilize and take over the civilian government, just like what had happened in Swartareykk.

As an ally of Mechyrdia that borders Isarnareykk, Torgova has frequently needed to maintain an appearance of impartiality in order to keep Demeter Ursalia and her government happy.

Fulgor Tyrinus

Fulgor Tyrinus is the current Boss of the Diadochus Humilitatum. While feigning his star-tribe's allegiance to Mechyrdia, he has made a secret alliance with the Diadochus Masra Draetsen through the latter's ambassador Galik am-Ogus Khan. When Ogus Khan sends the signal and the Masra Draetsen invade Mechyrdia, the Humilitates will attack the holdings in the Ydroun system, in order to open up another front that the Mechyrdians have to deal with. Ydroun is deep in Diadochi space, but the Mechyrdians control it through the stable wormhole between Ydroun and the Vensca system in Mestyla space.

Brunhild Ursalia

Brunhild Ursalia is the older sister of Demeter Ursalia, the current Haukmarascal of the Isarnareyksk Federation. Brunhild converted to Christianity with the fall of the Fulkreyksk Authoritariat, and has been exiled from Isarnareykk for agitating Demeter Ursalia both to legalize the Christian faith and to modernize the Federation's technology.

Brunhild currently lives on the CMŠ Epicheirema, as a civilian guest under protective custody due to her enmity with the Isarnareyksk government. She works as a bartender at Porro Decem, though due to her experience from living in Fulkreykk and being Demeter Ursalia's sister, she also has skills in espionage, deception, and assassination.

Roman Vavilov

Ensign Roman Belisariyevich Vavilov (Rus. Роман Белисариевич Вавилов) is the current helm officer of the CMŠ Epicheirema. The second youngest bridge officer on the ship (after Psekna Korgaleira), Vavilov is brash and, according to most of his fellow officers, "still in the process of learning to be humble".

He is the son of Belisarius the Great, a leader of a regional militia during the Great Galactic War who waged a guerilla war in Tylan space against the invading Ilkhans. Belisarius is considered to be a hero by the Tylan people, a legacy that Roman wishes to live up to.

Karrick Vohn

Sharpshooter Karrick Vohn is a retired sailor of the Mechyrdian Navy, and a resident of Nova Carthago, a world within the Olympia sector. Born in the Calibor sector, Vohn joined up with the Navy at the age of 20. His career was marred by his participation in the Aquae Acerbae Bloodbath, an accidental massacre of civilian ships in the Aquae Acerbae Nebula that formerly housed members of the Diadochus Noctiferorum.

Since his retirement to Nova Carthago, he got married to his wife Karla. Years later, Karla Vohn would be kidnapped by raider forces of the Diadochus Masra Draetsen. Karrick Vohn tracked them down, but was unable to rescue Karla, forcing him to kill her from a distance to save her from a life of servitude. Since then, he has harbored a grudge against the Diadochi, and maintains a questionably-legal shoot-on-sight policy to all who come from Masra Draetsen space.

Alaric Vytunn

Alaric Vytunn is the other leader of Isarnareykk. A puppet of Demeter Ursalia, Vytunn keeps the seat warm for one office (Haukmarascal or Faurasitand) while Ursalia commands the Federation from the other office.


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