Torgompek Qahan

"Through the glorifying of individualism, the Mechyrdians have become a gray mass of interchangeable parts. They have the same behavior, the same habits, the same appearances, the same beliefs, the same tastes. And they call us evil because we understand that people who are different are different."
- Torgompek Qahan

In this name that follows Kishari naming conventions, the given name is Qahan and the family name is Torgompek.

Torgompek Qahan (Kish. Törgömpek Qahan, Törgömpek Qahan) is an Isarnareyksk philosopher of history and politics, and astropolitical analyst and strategist. He holds views that some consider to be evil and fascistic, and are described by others as a sui generis synthesis of quasi-pagan esoteric nostalgia for the past and forward-looking scientific futurism.

Laysarr Törgömpek Qahan
Personal info
Born 191 UC (2831 AD)
Religion Esoteric imperial cult
Father Torgompek Agrippa
Mother Torgompek Natali

Early life

Torgompek was born into a prestiged family of "internal ambassadors", a Fulkreyksk euphemism for political officers loyal to the central government that are embedded into local administrations. During the 240s UC, Torgompek was a dissident and an anti-ultramaterialist. He worked as an AI technician before becoming involved in politics just before the fall of the Authoritariat.


In 214 UC (2854 AD), Qahan entered the Medrengard Institute of Technology. He was expelled after his first year without a degree because of his dissident activities. Afterwards, he worked as a janitor in an Intersec archive, where he had access to banned literature from Earth, Ilkhai, and Tyla.

In 215 UC (2855 AD), Torgompek joined the "Anabasis movement", a dissident group which dabbled in esoteric beliefs, both Tylan and ancient Thedish, as well as other forms of the occult. In the group, he was known for his attempted revival of the movement and ideology of Dyotrik v'Eritzssck. He adopted the nom de plume/de guerre "Alfarius Vulfram", a reference to the ancient Thedish nobleman/cleric Vulfram-Henryk Margrav vun Helldorphau who spent much of his life researching the paranormal.

Studying by himself, he learned to speak Mechyrdian, Tylan, Latin, French, Gothic, and Greek, in addition to his native Kishari and Thedish. He was influenced by other worlds' traditionalist philosophers: René Guenon from Earth and Liha Vilakauva from Tyla; the latter's book Empire of the Heavens, Kingdom of the Lands he translated into Thedish.

Political career

Early activism

In 219 UC (2859 AD), he and his friend Yeseqel Nestorius joined the Thedish ultranationalist group Gamundis (Memory), where the two met Kaius Tziyonov, who would later be leader of the newly-formed Liberal Federalist Party in the Isarnareyksk Populisk Raed. Torgompek was one of the founding members of the Liberal Federalists, and probably had a great role in formulating Tziyonov's ideology by blending elements of esoteric paganism with scientific futurism. However, in 251 UC (2891 AD) Torgompek left the party following disagreements with Tziyonov.

Publishing career

Torgompek published "The New Astropolitics" in 250 UC (2890 AD). The book was published in multiple languages, including Tylan, and is used in Isarnareyksk university courses on astropolitics, including the Star-Navy Academy on Isarnaweralt. It shocked political analysts in Mechyrdia, and is sometimes referred to by them as "Isarnareykk's Manifest Destiny", alluding to the American Vestigium's view of Manifest Destiny resulting in an attempt to conquer Mechyrdia back in 136 UC (2776 AD).

While the Mechyrdians were alarmed by "The New Astropolitics", some radical Tylan conservatives praised the book, viewing Torgompek's quasi-spiritual ideology as a useful counterbalance to not only Mechyrdian liberal democracy or Diadochi Aedon-worship, but also the oligarchic ultramaterialism of the old Fulkreykk.


Torgompek disapproves of liberalism and the Galactic South, especially Mechyrdian hegemony. According to him, "We are forever on the side of Khorr and the People's Dominion." He describes himself as a conservative, wanting "a strong state and an orderly society, glued together by family values and what little faith in divine powers we have left".

Torgompek, though an esoteric spiritualist, opposes the darkness and evil of Aedon, going as far as accusing Mechyrdian democratic leadership of being Aedon's puppets. To that purpose, Torgompek exhorts of the Isarnareyksk nation, "To fight the formless horror, we must create our own Gods and Spirits; indeed, our own Heaven".

Torgompek is a strong opponent of the Isarnareyksk government's standing order to forcibly medicate human psykhers with psy-suppressants. He believes, instead, that psykhers in Isarnareykk should be conscripted into psy-choirs in order to create a new pantheon for the Thedish people.

According to Torgompek, the forces of liberal-democratic Mechyrdian civilization represent hauhmod (arrogance) "the essential, 'anti-ideal' form of etunism" which opposes ansuism (literally "god-ism" or "theism") "the ideal form of truth and existence". In his words, it is no mere coincidence that the evil, "atomizing" galaxy-devouring imperialism of Mechyrdia correlates with the word etun "giant, (Thedish mythology) ancient enemy of the Ansaus/Gods" originally being an old term for "heavy eater".

"Unification" and views on astropolitics

Torgompek has promoted the unification and founding of an "Empire of the Thedes and Tylans" capable of fighting back against both the Mechyrdian and Diadochi spheres. In this regard, he was the right-hand-man to Kaius Tziyonov, the organizer of the Liberal Federalist Party, though Torgompek despised the "deceptive titulature". Later, he would go on to found the All-National Revolutionary Party (Thd. Als-Fulkisk Revolutzionaer Partia, AFRP) after a split with Tziyonov, though the AFRP would never be nearly as popular as the LFP.

Torgompek spent three years studying the political and esoteric theories of Tylan empress and later deity Liha the Great, discovering that apotheosis, ascension to divinity in the Veil, is possible with enough faith and worship. Yet Torgompek does not want to become a god himself; instead, he has proposed, and currently supports, the creation of an imperial cult around the actual leader of Isarnareykk, Demeter Ursalia.

Torgompek's ideas, particularly those of a "Thedish-Tylan alliance in the Galactic North and Southeast", have begun to gain support within traditionalistic circles in Tyla, most notably among members of the Alalashtam (Conquest) Network, a clandestine, conspiratorial organization within the Tylan clergy with ties to the military and various planetary police forces.

Influence on Ursalia and role in Isarnareyksk politics

Despite having no official ties to the Isarnareyksk government, Torgompek is often called by some as "Ursalia's brain-programmer" and claimed to be responsible for shaping Isarnareyksk foreign policy. Others, on the other hand, contend that his influence is limited and greatly exaggerated to make Isarnareykk seem scarier than it actually is, claiming that correlation between his views and Ursalia's foreign policy do not imply causation.

Torgompek generally supports Ursalia's government and her internal security and foreign policies, but has opposed her economic liberalization. In 251 UC (2891 AD), he stated, "There shall be no more opponents of Ursalia's course; whatever that remain are obviously flesh golems, mere automata, not real people. Ursalia is the state and the nation." For this, Torgompek was voted "Simp of the Year" by readers of dissident magazine Kommentaari.

Legion Gamil

Legion Gamil is Thedish political jargon that means "fifth column", named after the announcement by Dyotrik v'Eritzssck that the Syudanheym Reaction "has legions Alef, Bit, and Cadet about to march on Khau-Nuut, and legion Gamil ready to strike from within."

The term is used by Torgompek to refer to the liberals and anti-Ursalia activists within Isarnareykk. He sees the Empire of Mechyrdia standing behind every Legion Gamil, not only in Isarnareykk, but also in the Niska and Ilkhan republics, and even within Tyla. In one of his writings, Torgompek has introduced the term Legion Dalet to describe those who ostensibly support Ursalia, but want her to rule like a Mechyrdian liberal.

According to Torgompek, all of social media should be banned, and the Internet restricted to technical uses only. In 251 UC (2891 AD), he said in a lecture that sociology and psychology are demonic pseudosciences, ignorant of the cold hardness of statistics and perverted by Mechyrdian liberals to serve their oligarchs, and that all Isarnareykski need to have religious faith and fervor for Demeter Ursalia in preparation for the last battle between good and evil.


In 253 UC (2893 AD), the Mechyrdian Ministry of Justice added Torgompek Qahan to its list of Isarnareyksk citizens who are sanctioned as a result of their opposition to freedom and democracy. Later in the same year, the Niska Republic added Torgompek to its list of sanctioned individuals.


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